Heaven's whispering, "I love you". It's time to hear God's heart and step into your identity!

Introducing the Holy Spirit Love Notes ...

A personal day by day journey with God - the nudges and the whispers - shared in their raw form with the prayer that they will inspire and empower you to do life with God today so you can be Youier!

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Youier? You, Original, Unapologetic + Intentional, Expectant, Relationship!


Intentional, expectant relationship with your Creator - so you can stop going through the motions and start really living again. Fully alive, fully human! A child of the King! 

Hiya! 👋🏼 I'm El Edwards, irrepressible silver-lining spotter with a compulsion to say the stuff most other people only say in their heads!

I'm here to help you have fun again, to embrace who you are when you're not trying to live by anyone else's expectations, to step into the incredible story God's written for your life.

To be everything God created you to be when He dreamed you into existence with His love.

Why? Because playing pretend and trying to be "normal" made me crazy - you can read that story here - and it's making you feel loopy too!

Introduing ... Itchy Soul Playground

Your safe space for being Youier - because you weren't made to play on your own!


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A personal day by day journey with God, with whispers from heaven of God's love & provision.

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Explore the dreams God's given you and seek His heart for your very next (or first!) step.