Youier is the key to really living: Relationship, not religion!



What is Youier? You + Intentional, Expectant, Relationship!

Intentional, expectant relationship with your Heavenly Dad - so you can stop going through the motions and start really living again. Fully alive, fully human!

Intentional - Choosing to seek God, choosing to hear Him.

Expectant - Everyone can hear from God - and that includes you!

Relationship - A real, active, day to day relationship relationship, like you'd have with your very best friend.

Hiya! 👋🏼 I'm El Edwards and I'm here to help you step into relationship relationship with God. As real as the relationship you have with your very best friend - yes, questions, conversation, sharing life together.

Embracing daily childlike wonder and delight, being who you are when you're not trying to live by anyone else's expectations, to step into the incredible story God's written for your life.

To be who God created you to be when He dreamed you into existence with His love - and to explore with Him what that looks like, because when you can confidently hear God, when you know His voice, you no longer need to feel pushed around by life. Instead, you simply go direct to the Author!