What’s the question you’re answering with your project?

Today and all this week we’re going to be thinking about the planning that goes into your big goal or project but instead of the usual planning advice, as your resident mindset geek, my focus is on helping you use the power of your wonderful, amazing brain to get your project planned.
And today we starting with the question your project is answering. And yes, throughout October my focus is specifically on your writing project but this approach applies just as much to any kind of goal, it’s not just for books!
And I’m delighted to announce that the cart for the group version of Rent A Boss is now open. If you’re ready to spend November writing your book (either fiction or non-fiction, all types of books are welcome!) I’m here to help. Go to RentABoss.uk to find out more and join in the fun. There’s just 30 spaces available so if you think this is for you, I’d encourage you to get signed up today.