A strong faith alone just isn’t going to cut it!

Does this ever happen to you … One thing after another after another piles on top of each other, coincidence after coincidence (or as I prefer to call them God-incidences) and before you know it – wham!

You’re slap bang in the middle of realising something really important?

That happened to me this week but this time, it wasn’t the nice, smiley kind of coincidences that started piling up.

The theme for this week of the party is delight and then my dad, preaching on the importance of enjoying life because our time is precious, was followed by a friend on Facebook posted a moving piece about losing a dear friend. Another reminder.

And then today, after a lovely few days away with family, my husband got the news that a colleague with cancer who, just a few days ago, wasn’t given long to live, has passed away. Already.

One thing after another, piling on top of each other, forcing me to stop and really think about why it’s so important to enjoy each day.

I wrote about it earlier in the week of course but the reminder today, so close to home, has caused me to pause again.

It’s so easy to focus on the big dreams, the plans and ambitions.

And yes, these things are important. The most successful business people don’t just wander from day to day, doing whatever takes their fancy. They’re focussed and driven and know what they need to do each day to keep moving.


What if we spend all our time focussing on tomorrow, pushing and driving and working and striving and then, in one random, unexpected moment, we take that last breath?

I don’t say that to be morbid or to encourage you to slack off and not bother working on your business. Thankfully, we don’t get to know when we’re going to die, so we just crack on with life as usual, doing our thing, making the best decisions we can.

But you know what? If I did know, I’d be sure to give my children an extra cuddle or ten. I’d be extra loving and smiley toward my husband. I’d not waste precious moments on stupid arguments. I’d treasure every second. Take in every scent. Notice the delight around me.

Which of course brings us full circle to our theme for the week … delight.

It is possible and important, vital even, to find something wonderful in every single day.