How we do life as people of faith ...

Youier and the Itchy Soul Playground is built on the principle of love and Jesus.

That said "love and Jesus" can result in some ambiguity and questions but that's okay, I love questions!

What follows then are the things that we believe here at Youier, principles for how we do life.

If any of seems weird or uncertain to you or simply not a way of doing life that you’ve come across before, we can explore your questions together, with the understanding that this is the foundation we’re building those questions on.

There is only one true and living God, revealed in three persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit or, as you'll often hear me refer to them, Papa, Jesus & Sam.

All people are made in God's image, His precious work of art, treasured and loved unconditionally.

The Bible is the inspired Word of God, written during specific times in history such that the leadership, teaching and guidance of Holy Spirit is important in helping us apply God's Word in day to day life.

Jesus was born as a baby - fully God and fully human - a love gift from heaven to demonstrate just how loved we really are.

Jesus suffered and died to draw all people to Himself - and on the third day He came back to life and is now seated at the right hand of the Father, an ever-present reminder of just how loved we are.

The real battles we face are not against the things we can see in the physical world but against the forces of evil in the spiritual world but thanks to the work of Jesus on the cross, the battle is already won! We can live as victorious children of the King!

God is whispering His love to you, He wants to be known by you. He is not distant or aloof and you can hear from God and live life in a close, intimate relationship with Him. It's what you were born for!

God the Holy Spirit empowers us, teaches us, is our ever-present companion and guide to live day by day in relationship with God.

How we do community ...

The Itchy Soul Playground is your safe space to practice being Youier, to ask questions and to explore what it looks like for you to really thrive. We welcome everyone, regardless of where they're at in their journey with Jesus, so how do we keep our love on and help ensure this space remains safe whilst remaining true to our spiritual foundations?

One word ... love!

We're not always going to agree but, God-helping us, we can treat everyone with unconditional respect and kindness.

Some practical tips:

💖 If someone shares something and they don't explicitly ask for advice, ask first. There is incredible power in being heard. Not everything shared needs an answer.

💖 Recognise that we're all on a great big God adventure but not everyone is at the same point in the story.

💖 If you don't believe the same things as someone else, that's okay. Asking each other questions and listening can be great. Sometimes though, you'll simply need to agree to disagree.

💖 Written communication can be tricky, it lacks body language and intonation. Read your words before posting. Consider adding emojis. We love to see when you're smiling! 😁

💖 All our live calls are held on Zoom. If you're able to be in a quiet space with your camera and mic on, this allows for richer, deeper conversation.

Your commitment:

Like any community, the more you put the Itchy Soul Playground, the more you'll get from it. At the same time, this is not about putting more on your already over-stuffed "to do" list!

Instead, what follows is an outline of everything that's included with your Itchy Soul Playground membership, plus some hints & tips for making it work for you.

🎉 Every week day: An email with the Holy Spirit Love Note for the day. The full text is included in each email & ends with a suggested question to explore with Holy Spirit and an easy link to add a comment in the Playground, sharing what you explored with God.

🎉 Every Friday: An additional email, labelled Pompoms Included. This is your celebration prompt - plus an opportunity to take some time to plan the week upcoming with God.

🎉 Final Sunday of every month: Our one-day live event, on Zoom (so you can join from anywhere in the world!) with recordings available for those members who can't join us live.

🎉 Any time: Need prayer? Want to share a win? Ask a question? Explore a niggle? Come and share anything & everything in the Itchy Soul Playground! 🥰