Thank you for signing up for the Masterclass. I’m looking forward to spending some time with you – and I can’t wait to see how you use what I’ll share to spread your God-given message more widely. Exciting!

Our Masterclass will be held on Zoom and I’ll be hopping on 10 minutes before we start for a little “pre-party” chitchat, allowing us to start the training promptly at the top of the hour.

I’ve also allowed time for Q+A so if you know you have questions and you think you might not be able to stay until the end, please send your questions to Thank you!

And finally, this is the Zoom link you’ll need: It has the password embedded into it so you shouldn’t be prompted for a password but, just in case you are, the password is “shine”.

(And yes, you’ll get all of this info via email. If you take a peek it might already be in there waiting for you!)

I’ll send you a reminder 24 hours before the masterclass and be sure to include the link but, in the meantime, thank you again for signing up. I’ll be seeing you very soon!

P.S. Zoom is sooo much more fun with friends so if you know someone who’d be excited about this masterclass, would you do me (and them!) a favour and share it with them? The URL for them to get their own invite is the one you’ve just been to¬† Thank you so much! 💖