Apparently God really does have a sense of humour! ;-)

After encouraging you yesterday to take your foot off the gas off the little, by 8.30pm I couldn’t keep my eyes open and by 9pm I was fast asleep.

I woke up feeling amazing and ready to go full speed today. Clearly my body needed the extra sleep and now I was ready to go!

And then my eldest daughter accidentally hurt her eye and spent the morning home with me. I’m currently sat writing this on the sofa (and I’m sure I told you before how productive I am not when I try and work from the sofa!) while keeping her company.

My day has gone from full speed to chilled in the blink of an eye. After yesterday’s email, talk about ironic eh? If I ever doubted God has a sense of humour, I don’t today! 😉

It’s almost like God’s saying,

“You know that idea about not needing to go fast all the time? That was for you too you know.”

Maybe it’s just me but sometimes I can hear or read something and it sounds like a great idea but I discount it or decide I’ll get to it later. And then of course I get busy and ‘later’ never gets here.

But then the same thing pops into my day from a different place and it sort of smacks me over the head, forcing me to remember and actually pay attention that time.

Sound familiar?

If so, consider this your smack round the head reminder that it is ok to slow down a little.

Open your eyes. Take a good look around you. Enjoy the sunshine. Giggle at the silly stuff.

As for me, I’m off to bake cakes with my daughter (her eye is feeling much better she tells me) because it’s not often that we get some time just the two of us.

Until the next time, keep smiling 🙂