Are you guilty of holding parts of your life in ‘draft’?

Did you ever have an idea or a thought, and you wrote it up in your journal or talked about it with a friend, but then didn’t do anything with it? You didn’t take any action. Do the thing or hit send on the email. Or whatever ‘do’ would look like.

I have three, almost totally complete blog posts saved in draft mode right now, plus another two ideas that are currently just subject lines.

It’s no big deal. I tend to trust my gut or that nudge from God and write and publish whatever it feels like I’m being given to share. I’m sure those drafts and subject lines will have their day. One day.

But what about those ‘one day’ things in life?

Sometimes it really isn’t the right time to ‘do’ but, if we’re honest with ourselves, sometimes we don’t ‘do’ because we can’t be bothered or we give other stuff higher priority.

Or sometimes we’re just scared.

I want to encourage you today to hit publish on life.

Don’t play small or pull yourself back because you’re not sure what other people will think. Your playing small serves no one.

Instead, it’s time to go all out.

Shine your light brightly.

Jump in with both feet.

Step up and fully own the delightful you that you are.

Until next time, keep smiling 🙂