ARK defeat darkness – even when people don’t realise it!

Today’s episode of the podcast is an extension of what we started to explore yesterday (so if you haven’t watched yesterday’s yet, don’t worry about it, you don’t need to watch it first, but I’ll include a link so you can catch up later. It’s less than 10 mins long!)
Today though more specifically we’re considering acts of random kindness (ARK) and the power they have to ripple through a day, spreading love and, as a result, pushing back the darkness.
And the amazing thing is this happens, even when people don’t realise that they’re doing so!
But once you DO know what you’re doing, that intentionality makes it even more powerful, God-helping you of course. Listen for the nudges and niggles. You don’t need to try and will-power your way to this!
And if all this sounds exciting to you, come and join us in the Itchy Soul Playground.

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