Beautiful things happen when you let your little weirdo out to play.

Have you considered recently the magic that happens, simply when you let your inner weirdo out to play? Spoiler alert: It’s brilliant!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of chatting with a lovely lady in one of the local hospitals. She’s great at what she does, is super nice and, as one of my big stepping FitBit friends, helps keep me (literally!) on my toes.

But it’s not what she really wants to do. She started telling me about her husband’s business and that what she’d really love is to work alongside him. And me being me, I asked her … what’s stopping you?

Easy for me to ask of course, much harder to actually navigate. We chatted a little longer, said our goodbyes, and I thought nothing more of it. Until last weekend, when I found out that yesterday was her very last day at the hospital. That’s right, she found a way to let her weirdo out to play, the stuff that lights her up and gets her all excited, and she’s actually doing it. When I found out I was delighted. I love stories like that!

The way I see it, life’s too fleeting to spend it not doing the stuff that lights you up.

And it got me to thinking about how often we initially discredit stuff, think it’s not possible or talk ourselves out of it, but when we actually allow ourselves to play with the possibility, to embrace our little weirdos if you will, real magic happens.

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