How do you know which idea is the very best one?

It’s a trick question of course. There’s no such thing as the “best” idea. To suggest otherwise is akin to maintaining that each of us has one soul mate, that perfect person we’re destined to be with forever.

What if your soul mate lived thousands of miles away and didn’t speak English? Unless you were incredibly patient – and a frequent flyer! – you’d instead find yourself stuck with the ‘wrong’ person.

But what if there are actually hundreds of different people for whom you’d find yourself a good match? And what if the person you end up with is less about ‘destiny’ and much more about the actions you took together to nurture that relationship?

Classic example: With the man who ended up being my husband and father of my children, I made the first move. Prior to that fateful day in 1996, I had never, ever done something like that. I was friends with lots of lads but hopeless at expressing my feelings.

What if I hadn’t offered him a lift home that day? I’d have probably met someone else and ended up with a totally different life as a result.

It’s a bit crazy if you overthink it. The impact of tiny decisions and actions taken as a result is immeasurable. It takes us full circle back to that worry over what the best idea is because if tiny actions can have such a massive impact, hadn’t we better be very careful?

You know what the very best idea is? The one you act on.

Ideas are prolific. The more you act on them, the more seem to pop into your head.

Ever since I re-started this daily email, I see ideas everywhere. I like to trust the nudge in my gut about which to share with you on a specific day but sometimes, with so many ideas to play with, it can be difficult to know for sure.

Overthink it and you can easily start second guessing yourself but what if you didn’t? What if you instead grabbed hold of an idea and ran with it, safe in the knowledge that you can always tweak and adjust as you go.

Because ideas are wonderful and magical but, much like the birds you might see soaring overhead today, their real power is isn’t displayed until they take flight.

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