You make my heart sing!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

There’s nothing wrong with asking me questions. I love your questions! Every time you ask me a question, you open your heart to receiving my love. This is beautiful! And those times when exploring questions leads to more questions, guess what I’m inviting you to do? Yes! Bring me those questions too.

Seek clarification. Refine the vision. Get specific and allow me to expand your horizons. All of this and more is the power of a good question.

Sometimes you might feel like you’re not asking the best question. There isn’t anything off limits, you can ask me anything. At the same time though, you’re right … not all questions are equal. Those times when you’re not sure if you’re asking me the right question, ask me. 

Yes, I said “ask me” yet again and I’ll keep on saying it as many times as you need me to. The more you seek me, the more you’ll find me. What does it mean to “seek me”? To seek is to look for, to go after, move towards and how do you do that? Ask me!

Asking is part of the seeking. Nothing is wasted. I turn all things to good and whilst you remind yourself of that when things feel tricky, “all things” means everything. If something is already pretty good then bring it to me. I can make it spectacular!

I’m inviting you to do all of life with me, it’s what you were born for, and it can start with a good question so bring me all your questions and when you’re not sure where to start, ask me what’s on my heart in that moment.

I love sharing my heart with you and when you open your senses to hear me, it makes my heart sing!

Know my voice, hear my heart

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Hearing my heart doesn’t need to be difficult. It’s not a chore and there are no hoops to jump through. It’s as simple as following the nudges. I know what you need because I created you.

Consider the inventor of an intricate machine. If the machine could communicate with its creator, would it suggest it knew better? If, like you, it was created with the ability to reason then maybe it would but that wouldn’t stop the inventor from knowing how best to help it function. 

You’re not a machine of course but you are created and the One in whose image you are made can be trusted. Those times when it feels difficult to hear me, ask me what I suggest you do about it. Sometimes it will be as simple as a change of location. Other times I might suggest you take a nap!

I am with you, always, whispering my love to you. It’s simply that sometimes it feels more difficult for you to hear me. When you can’t hear me, that’s not because I’ve stopped talking!

Religion will tell you you can’t hear me because of unresolved sin in your life but if that were true, how would anyone hear that first call to follow Jesus?

The enemy will tell you you can’t hear me because you are unworthy and need to get your act together first. This is simply not true!

You are my child. I love you with an everlasting love. I am love. It is time to reject any and all lies that stop you doing life with me. You do hear my voice and when I seem quiet, consider than an invitation to press in.

Simply ask me “why” when it feels like you can’t hear me. Even exploring that together will help you recognise my voice and that’s what this is all about. Knowing my voice, hearing my heart, recognising that you are loved, always.

One breath at a time

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Everything is coming together for good, you simply need to keep putting one foot in front of the other, hearing my heart and following the nudges. I know that’s easy for you to hear on a day that feels like it’s going well but the same is true on the days that feel challenging. Yes, harder to hear but still no less true.

On the days that feel lovely, celebrate my goodness. Relish the joy and delight you are feeling. There is nothing wrong with enjoying those feelings of contentment and peace. I came to bring you peace ultimately so the more you walk this out with me, the more I can help you experience that peace.

And no, that’s not to suggest that on the days that feel challenging you’ve done anything wrong, I’m not into victim blaming. I came to save you remember, not condemn you. Hear my heart: I love you. I am for you, not against you. And on the challenging days, I want to help restore those feelings of peace but know that I am holding you in the meantime. I never leave you. I am with you, always.

Even more important than peace though is love. You can love when peace is absent. You can love when everything feels delightful. You can love when you’re bored. You can love when you don’t really want to. You can love because I love and you are created in my image.

Better than that though … I want to help you! Closer than the air that you breathe, remember? Take a deep breath when something is challenging and know that I am right there with you. Breathe in, breathe out. I love you and am pouring my love into every situation you step into today. Why? Because love is who I am, it is my very nature, and it is holding this world together, one breath at a time.

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This is our moment

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

It is time for the world to see my goodness in a fresh, new way. Hearts are aching to know me. The whole of creation groans, waits with anticipation, for my children to rise up and claim their inheritance.

The world needs you to step into the fullness of life with me. There is so much going on that I am inviting you to be a part of and it starts by accepting who you are and Whose you are.

No more hiding in the shadows. When you step in to the light of my love, there are no shadows left to hide in! Live in love and you live in me.

Yes, this lifetime will have troubles but that is not to be your focus. Fix your eyes on Jesus! Allow me to show you my goodness in this and every moment. 

This is for you and your whole household and it’s more than that. This is generational. When you step into the fullness of who I am calling you to be, you break strongholds and move mountains for your children’s children’s children. 

There will come a time when history will look back at this moment and mark it as the beginning of a new wave, a new expression, of my love. And that love starts with you and all my children. Claim your place in history by hearing and saying yes to my invitation today. It cannot wait. The moment is now!

Now more than ever before the world needs love. My love has always been there of course because I am love. What this moment is calling for, aching for, is my love expressed fully, in and through every person who lets me love them.

When you let me love you and step into the fullness of a life lived with me, you give me permission to move in a way that you’ve never seen before. This is our moment!

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A foundation of unconditional love

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You are on my heart. Yes, again. Yes, always. I want you to be overwhelmed by my love in the very best way possible. That’s the only kind of overwhelm I can entertain for you.

There are many moving pieces in this life, intricate details that were never yours to hold together. Instead, let me be God and keep those things safe. They’re not yours to pick up. They never were.

Instead, let me love you. Ask me again to open all your senses – physical and spiritual – to new pictures and understanding of my love for you. It really is amazing and it is going to take into eternity for you to begin to even scratch the surface of my love.

I long to love you. It is my greatest desire. That bumps up against stuff for you? Explore those bumps and uncertain pieces with me. Anything that gets in the way of you receiving the fullness of my love needs to be dealt with.

There is so much of me and my character that has been distorted. Half-truths and misquotes, the enemy loves these. They are his only real weapon and when you bring those fiery darts to me, hold up the shield of my love and truth, it becomes easy to defuse the lies.

It’s time to open your mind to the possibility that not everything you grew up believing is my truth. Bring me each and every thing that sets itself up as true in your life. Let me shine the light of my love into every dark space.

Darkness must flee when brought into the light! And yes, I know that feels uncomfortable. You worry and wonder about what might be exposed?

Remember that this is an invitation, not an order. You are my child, my dear one, not a slave to whom I give orders. If you feel you’re not ready, explore that with me first. We don’t need to rush this, you’re exactly where you need to be.

And know this too … I am love and I am for you, not against you. Any invitation is offered from a place of kindness and compassion, coupled with the knowledge of my best for you. Let that be our starting point, a foundation of unconditional love, and we cannot go wrong. Love wins!

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Relationship, not religion

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

We are in relationship. Jesus told you this would happen when I came and lived in you. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. What does that mean? It means I am living in you! And yes, I know that sounds incredible to you. God in you? How can that be? That’s how good I am!

You must not let other people detract or distract you from our relationship. What we have is precious to me and no, not everyone will get it, some will call you crazy, but name-calling doesn’t make it any less so.

Just because someone is older than you or more educated than you, even if they can quote the Greek or Hebrew at you, doesn’t mean that what we have is wrong. The enemy will use any and every trick in the book to throw you off course, including taking the words of other people and using them against you.

People mock what they don’t know or understand. Let them mock! Their words don’t change what we have. You’re not here to persuade those with insults. Show up all you, with me, in love. That’s all I ever ask of you. And always me-helping you. You’re not will powering your way to love. No striving. Rest in me and our relationship. Relationship, not religion.

Relationship frees you to be with me in a way that religion never can. And of course, share the joy you have, I am wooing everyone with relationship one way or another. Just know that I see and hold together the end from the beginning. You can let go and stop worrying about how all the pieces fit together.

Be you, with me, full to the top with my love. That’s the focus – and know that you do hear from me and no-one can take that way from you.

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Say yes

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You were created in my image to be in relationship with me, to walk out day to day life with me, being led and guided by the King of Kings. 

And know this … Ultimately, everyone will bow at the name of Jesus. Everyone will ultimately step into the fullness of Youier, doing day to day life with Jesus, it’s simply that I’ve given you a bit of a head start. 

If “the end” is all you’re focussed on, if all you’re hoping for is a ticket into heaven then sure, working from the assumption that you could know when you would die, then there would be no real “point” in walking this out with me right now. 

But why wouldn’t you bring heaven to earth and step into the fullness of you being Youier right now? Why wait? Doing life with me is what you were handcrafted for, it’s built into your operating system, it’s in your DNA.

Until you step into active day to day life with me, you’re not fully alive, fully human. Doing life with me is what humanity was dreamed into existence for. To be human is to do life with me. That’s the whole point of it.

The “end goal” is to walk so closely with heaven right now, to be so in touch with me and my leading and guiding your life, that you might barely notice as you “fall asleep” in this life and “wake up” in the next. That is the goal. Life with me, period. 

I am wooing the world with my love, there is no-one outside of my love, no-one out of reach or unlovable. You simply get to choose when you say “yes” to my love. You get to choose when to start living it out. My advice? My heart’s desire? Say yes today. I love doing life with you!

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Be you, with me

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Imagine life as one great big tapestry, with each strand dependant on another. Some of the strands might seem quite ordinary and if they had a voice or the ability to communicate, they might express how inconsequential they feel.

Those apparently ordinary strands are vital! They give structure and depth to the whole. They hold things together in a way they don’t realise. The seemingly more beautiful strands would collapse under the weight of the whole without these “ordinary” pieces.

Stop underestimating the ordinary. Those days when you feel like you’re simply showing up, doing what needs to be done, those days give structure, depth and support to the mountain top days. You can’t live on the mountain top. You’d burn out under the weight of everything I’m doing. It would simply be too much for you to bear.

Ebbs and flows. Seasons. Time is my gift to you, remember? Yes, the older you get, the faster time seems to move but that’s an illusion. You are exactly where you need to be, right here in this moment, and nothing is ordinary when you explore and live it with me.

I simply need you to be you, with me. The rest is merely logistics when I have your heart. Show up today with me, flowing in who I created you to be. Yes, sometimes you being you will result in misunderstanding. Not everyone will catch your intentions.

Just because not everyone gets it doesn’t mean you need to throw in the towel and stop being you. Who would they have you be instead? It makes no logical sense at all for you to be anyone other than who I crafted all along.

With me though is key. The more you move through day to day life with me, the less you’ll feel like you’re “putting your foot in it”. When you step into today with me, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Fully alive, fully human, a child of the King!

Everything is coming together for good

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Everything is coming together for good, even right now when it feels like there are so many pieces still in flux. There are many strands weaving together. That’s how good I am! And instead of trying to hold all the moving pieces, what might it look like if you gave all of them to me and allowed me to breath new life into them?

Understand that some of these pieces need your input, it is my delight to play with these moving pieces with you, but just because pieces need your input doesn’t mean that you need to mentally try and hold them all together.

Playing together is vastly different to holding tightly and I don’t need you to do the latter. Instead, I’m inviting you to remain nimble. Flow with me from one piece to the next, one invitation to another, safe in the certainty that I am good and I know exactly what I’m doing.

I know you’d like to have all the answers, to have a clear and direct plan laid out that you could simply follow one step at a time but what if that’s not my best for you? This isn’t about you moving forward at any cost, remember. There is so much more at stake here than simply checking off goals.

Yes, moving forward into the plan and purpose I have for you is important, I long to see my people stepping into the fullness of life with me, but stepping into my plan for you can not come at the expense of life with me. If you had a carefully crafted blueprint, all the steps laid out in order, is it possible you might execute those steps without me?

I know you wouldn’t intend to. It’s simply one side-effect of the world you currently call home. You were crafted to do life with me and the enemy will do anything to interfere with our relationship. That’s why you don’t have all the answers or a carefully constructed blueprint. It’s yet another example of my love for you.

Because know this … I do love you, more than you possibly know, and everything is coming together for good. Of that you can be certain.

One person at a time

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Why is it so hard for you to understand that I don’t need you to try and play catch up? I can hear your heart, even right now in this moment as you run through a list in your head of all the things you think you need to do today. I hear the worry and strife as you try and figure out which piece to do when such that you can do as much as possible and not be late.

What is “late”? What if I could help you totally strike that word from your vocabulary? Yes, I know you have to be in certain places at a certain time and if you miss those fixed appointments then there will be consequences. I’m not asking you to throw time totally out of the window. 

Instead, what if you could flow with my love and grace from moment to moment? When you go outside for a walk and happen to come across a friend who likes to chat, what if doing so was part of the joy and beauty of today? Because when you’re ruled by playing catch up or a list of errands, you’re going to miss the moment.

There is a reason why people come into your life when they do. Some people are only for a season, others for the longer haul, but regardless of how long someone is in your life, know that each interaction matters. Every time you show up with love in your heart you make a difference. And yes, that’s true even with people you only meet once. You make a difference, one person at a time, when you show up with love.

Why? Because I am love and so when you show up with love in your heart you show up with me, even if the other person doesn’t recognise it in those terms. I’m not limited by other people’s perceptions. I am love and I love the world. Show up with love, with me, and together we make a difference, one person at a time.