Time is a gift

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Here’s something I’d love for you to consider today … I play outside of time. Yes, I choose to step into each moment with you, experience it with you for the very first time, but I’m not bound or mastered by time. I created time for you.

Without time you would all too easily drift. I don’t want you to sleep walk through life and so I gave you time and seasons. Time is a gift, even if it doesn’t always feel like that to you. Allow me to show you the gift in this moment and then invite me to master time for you.

Stop glancing at the clock and instead understand that I can pause a moment. Yes, literally in the spiritual a moment can pause and you with it. And yes, I know that’s hard for you to get your head around. I only mention it because I need you to stop worrying about the passing of time.

Instead, embrace this moment. Ask me what we’re going to explore together right now and then let’s do that. You can trust me. I know what I’m doing. This isn’t my first time playing in time. Try holding your breath and consider that even in that moment I am right there with you, closer than the air that you just pulled into your lungs.

The whole of creation is poised, ready and waiting for you to embrace the next breath with me. There is nothing that can’t be done when we do it together. I simply need you to stop putting so much pressure on yourself. Pause. Breathe in, breathe out. Feel this moment with me. It is precious and cannot be repeated. 

I love you too much to allow you to run frantically through the motions each day. Instead, ask me to help you embrace the gift in today. Embrace it, open it, share it. Life is a gift to enjoy by giving. Stop being stingy and instead let’s live life out loud, together.

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One moment at a time

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You are never too late. Remember that you are exactly where you need to be, right here, right now. In fact, that you’re here in this moment with me, pausing to hear my heart, is further evidence that there is no better place you could be.

But you’re worrying in terms of what you think of as bigger stuff. You wonder about life purpose and your place on this glorious planet. What if I told you the specifics were less important than heart posture?

Who you are with me is more important than any title, label or list of achievements. Don’t misunderstand me because yes, there are adventures that I’m inviting you to step into with me but not at any cost. Stepping into this moment, this day, with me is the most important piece. That’s why I’ve been carefully nudging you towards this moment. 

It is vital that you catch this. What would be the value, the benefit, in realising every dream or ambition I’ve placed in your heart at the expense of us? Us is more important than stuff. Us is more important than anything. And that’s not to say that I need you sitting passively, that is not my point at all. My point is how you move through this world, doing so with me, moment by moment, day by day, is the point.

You were hand-crafted to be in relationship with me so why would it be better to get to a point where you can function on your own? “On your own” is not part of your design. “On your own” was never my best for you. “On your own” is an illusion, a lie from the enemy.

The world pushes you to be independent but there is One in whose image you were created that to be dependant on, to walk hand in hand with, is a beautiful life-giving thing. It’s counter-cultural but it’s time to step into the wonder and beauty of life with me, one moment at a time.

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Youier foreword: A call to action

Welcome to an extra special, unadvertised bonus episode of the Youier podcast. In this episode I’m delighted to share the brand new foreword to the new edition of the Youier book.

Holy Spirit is calling it a “prophetic call to action” and if you’ve been getting a stir that there is something more, this one is for you!

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Something special in the air

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

It is time for you to hear my heart. I need you to hear and receive everything I’m inviting you to play with. This is for your benefit, yes, but it’s not just about you. There is more at stake here than you know. Every moment in history is important of course and there is something special in the air right now.

You sometimes feel it don’t you? The whole world is poised, paused, holding its breath, waiting for my sons and daughters to hear my heart and move forward. The whole world is ready to see my goodness, it just doesn’t know it yet!

Hope sometimes feels in short supply to you but what if that feeling of lack is simply an invitation? You’ve heard it said, ‘be the change you want to see in the world.’ My son didn’t always have the easiest journey and there were bumps along the way but he knew and understood my heart. 

If the world needs more hope then what are you going to do about it? Ask me to pour out my love into your life and allow yourself to be filled with hope and possibility. 

You bring hope but you get it from me, your Source, your resource. You don’t have to “dig deep” and try and find it in yourself. Just come to me, the living water, the Source of all that is beautiful in this world, and I will refresh you, fill you, empower you.

It all starts with love because I am love. Let me love you. And together we will bring hope that overflows. This really is the perfect moment. Stop second guessing yourself. Bring every doubt to me – and let me love you. My love really does quite literally make the world go round. Let me show you!

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Breathe in, breathe out

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I know you. I see you. There is nothing about you that ever catches me by surprise. There is no disappointment in me concerning you. I love you. Before a word is even fully formed in your mind, I hear you. As you pen a sentence, I go ahead of you. My thoughts concerning you are vast!

You are known, have always been known, and nothing about you is an accident or a mis-step. I don’t lose my footing or take my eye off the ball. You are held, crafted in the palm of my hand. Fully known, fully human. A child of the King!

And yes, I know there is so much about the world that makes no sense to you at all. Know that I am good and you can trust me. Within the context of eternity, the life to come, everything will make sense, be accounted for. Nothing is wasted and every tear will be collected and turned to good.

And know this … the love I have for you is vast, immeasurable – and it’s not just for you. If you could only fathom the depth of love in my heart, the vastness of it, it would blow your mind!

I weep when you weep, even whilst knowing the end from the beginning. Yes, that is another mystery. There is so much about me you’re barely seeing whispers of. And yes, that’s a great thing. When you think you know me, if you ever feel like you have me figured out, that’s the time to invite me to lift the lid on the box you’ve put me in!

Not just “lift it” but bust it wide open! My love cannot be contained or constrained. It will take all eternity to scratch the surface of my love. You’ll see, it is glorious!

But you don’t need to wait, we can explore all that I am and everything I want to be with you right now. Immeasurable, unfathomable – but closer than the air that you breathe and ready to be known by you. I’m not distant and aloof. I love you!

And perfect love, my love, drives away all fear. If you find yourself feeling afraid or uncertain today, ask me to open your eyes to my love in that moment. I am never far from you. Breathe in, breathe out. Closer than that.

Moment by moment

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You are exactly where you need to be in this moment. And yes, life is precious and fleeting but you can’t rush the process. Some things will take a lifetime to unlearn and even into the life to come but never fear … we have all of eternity to dance together!

I feel the tension in you. There is so much you want to do, to experience, because you sense everything that is to come. Breathe dear one. I’ve got this.

Stop picking my stuff up and instead simply be, with me, moment by moment. You can trust me. I love you.

Rest in me. Hear my heart, my invitations. And let’s do this together. You’re not imagining it, you are part of something magnificent and all this you unpack with me brings freedom for others too.

I don’t call the qualified, the equipped … I equip the called. I only need your “yes”. The outcome is on me – and it is so much more beautiful than you can possibly imagine!

And yes, some things in this life are going to hurt. I won’t remove the hurt but know that I will use the hurt for good. All the promises I’ve given you are yes and amen. I’m just not telling you how or when.

Instead, I’m asking you to love. Moment by moment, day by day, love. Fully, completely, me helping you. And know that I’m with you always, in the deepest, darkest valleys and on the mountain tops.

Give all your worries to me, even the ones you almost dare not articulate. I love you. You and everyone you love is on my heart. Let me be God. I only need your yes so live in love, live in me. I know what I’m doing – even when it makes no sense to you – so let me love you.

The ultimate parent?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Please never forget … you’re not my servant, you’re my child. We really need a mind shift around that. I want us to play together, relishing in love, childlike wonder and delight. There is so much we can play with together today!

Yes I am holy and powerful and mighty – and you do not need a reminder of that, it’s been drummed into you since you were little. It’s time for a fresh vision of relationship. 

What if you really believed that I am the ultimate parent? Never tiring. Never too busy. Never suggesting you’re too much. Never leaving. Never hurting.

Always available, always loving and kind. Knowing what you need and providing for it. Always proud of you, delighting in each step you take.

What if that was who I am? If you knew, deep in your core, that you really are a child of the King, what kind of difference would that make?

Nothing is accidental. Everything plays together for a purpose. Every picture Jesus shared about children therefore is intentional, leading to this very moment.

The world wants you to grow up, be independent, to get your act together and move through life to the beat of your own drum but what if that is not how you were wired to operate? “In the world but not of the world” points to this truth. You operate within the world’s systems but that “crazy person” you sometimes feel like? That’s your “not of the world” wiring. You know you were created for something more.

That “something” is life with me. The more you embrace the reality of doing day to day life with me, the more you allow me to love you, nurture you, parent you, the more we can bring heaven to earth.

And yes, as a “grown up” this idea of being parented bumps up against stuff. That’s simply your “of the world” wiring. There is much to unlearn. We can explore all of it together. It’s going to be so much fun! And yes, some of it will be challenging but all of it builds into the glorious tapestry of life.

I am love

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

The Kingdom is expanding as love is expanding and I know that in the natural world around you, it’s easy to feel like darkness is winning but without light there can be no dark.

As counter-intuitive as it might feel, every time you encounter darkness, you can take it as a reminder of the power of my light, the power of my love, the power of Me.

The shadows are strongest in the presence of great light. You see this in the physical. It is a picture of what is happening all around you in the spiritual. 

And never forget that love wins. The victory is already in hand. It was finished 2000 years ago on the cross and it is finished every time you step up and choose love over hate, light over dark, hope over fear.

Embrace the moment. Let me love you, and as you do, my love is poured out into your household, your relationships, your town, the world! Every time you let me love you, it makes a difference in ways you cannot possibly comprehend. But just because you can’t see it doesn’t make it any less true.

You can trust my words and you can trust my love. Because I am love. Ask me to open all your senses once again to what that really means. Explore love with me and when you do, know that you’re exploring my essence, who I really am.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

Guess what that means? It means that I am patient, I am kind. I do not envy or boast. I am not proud. I do not dishonour others. I am not self-seeking or easily angered and I keep no record of wrongs. I do not delight in evil but rejoice with the truth. I always protect, always trust, always hope, always persevere. I never fail. I am love.

My love is moving

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I know I always say, “you are on my heart” but I keep saying it because I need you to know just how true it is. No-one really understands love like I do, not really. It’s at the core of who I am and yet, because love has had a bit of a bad rap as a watered down, mushy thing, you find it hard to recognise just how vital my love is.

And how far reaching it is. Everyone who loves is in me. Everyone. They might not realise it yet but they are. That’s how powerful my love really is. Nothing can separate you from my love. It is incredible!

Do you know what else is incredible? The lies you’ve believed about me and my love. And I don’t mean just you, it’s part of the human condition.

But my love is just so incredible! Bask in the wonder of it. Bask in the wonder of me, because I am love. And there is so much more to explore in my love. You’re really just dipping your toe in the water, the river, the outpouring of my love.

And not everyone is ready to receive it. The religious spirit has a tight hold on some people, it’s all part of the control humanity likes to maintain.

Even people you care about, people you respect, have room to grow in my love. I meet you where you’re at, remember? So as you grow in my love, I can reveal myself more and more fully. 

And no, I won’t be fully known until the age to come. We have all of eternity to dive deep in my love, but do not doubt that my love is moving!

Never alone

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Do you understand how impossible it is for me to be disappointed in you? I hurt when you hurt, weep when you weep. I see everything that I created you to be and I yearn for you to embrace the fullness of that – yet I am never disappointed by you.

I am love. Every thought I have concerning you is precious and more numerous than the grains of sand on the beach. Allow the reality of my love to seep deep into your core.

And I am not far from you. I don’t hide myself from you. Those times when you feel like you can’t hear me, ask me what’s getting in the way of you hearing my voice because I am with you always. I never leave you and you can hear me.

Sometimes your own fears, doubts and insecurities will crowd out my voice, stopping you from hearing me in a bid to keep you safe but you have nothing to fear from me. You don’t need protecting from me. I am your greatest encourager, your matchless protector.

So ask me to bring into the light anything that is getting in the way of you hearing my heart for you because the enemy would love nothing more than to leave you feeling defeated and alone.

You are never alone. Never. This is the truth and nothing can ever change that. Are your feelings more powerful than my love? Never! So it’s time to reject any lie that tells you you’re alone.

And remember that you can talk to me about anything. In fact, I love it when you share your heart with me. It deepens our relationship of course but it’s also wonderful because it allows me permission to minster to your heart and speak into where you’re at. That is beautiful and something I never tire of.

Picture me on the edge of my seat, hanging onto your every word. The God of the universe is here, holding out his heart, inviting you to do life together. Want to play?