Breathe in, breathe out

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

I know you. I see you. There is nothing about you that ever catches me by surprise. There is no disappointment in me concerning you. I love you. Before a word is even fully formed in your mind, I hear you. As you pen a sentence, I go ahead of you. My thoughts concerning you are vast!

You are known, have always been known, and nothing about you is an accident or a mis-step. I don’t lose my footing or take my eye off the ball. You are held, crafted in the palm of my hand. Fully known, fully human. A child of the King!

And yes, I know there is so much about the world that makes no sense to you at all. Know that I am good and you can trust me. Within the context of eternity, the life to come, everything will make sense, be accounted for. Nothing is wasted and every tear will be collected and turned to good.

And know this … the love I have for you is vast, immeasurable – and it’s not just for you. If you could only fathom the depth of love in my heart, the vastness of it, it would blow your mind!

I weep when you weep, even whilst knowing the end from the beginning. Yes, that is another mystery. There is so much about me you’re barely seeing whispers of. And yes, that’s a great thing. When you think you know me, if you ever feel like you have me figured out, that’s the time to invite me to lift the lid on the box you’ve put me in!

Not just “lift it” but bust it wide open! My love cannot be contained or constrained. It will take all eternity to scratch the surface of my love. You’ll see, it is glorious!

But you don’t need to wait, we can explore all that I am and everything I want to be with you right now. Immeasurable, unfathomable – but closer than the air that you breathe and ready to be known by you. I’m not distant and aloof. I love you!

And perfect love, my love, drives away all fear. If you find yourself feeling afraid or uncertain today, ask me to open your eyes to my love in that moment. I am never far from you. Breathe in, breathe out. Closer than that.