What if life was never meant to be this complicated?

What if we didn’t need to read yet another book, watch yet another YouTube video or master yet another three step, four step or five step process? What if life was simply about stepping into today asking, “okay Dad, what are we going to do today?” What if life really was just one great big, adventure, an opportunity to practice … Read More

Is diet culture the work of the enemy?

Since the year dot humans have been on a quest for beauty, longevity. It all started with those ancient Greeks (again!) As an aside, the enemy was on fire during that time. Not that God wasn’t, He just let the enemy think he had the upper hand because the enemy doesn’t, didn’t and can never understand one thing – love! … Read More

Son shine makes all the difference in the world!

The sun came out today and with it, the people. You see all the regulars of course, the dog-walkers like us who are out come rain or shine for the love of their animals and the hardened cyclists in their aerodynamic gear, racing against themselves to be faster than last time. But today, on the warmest day of the year so … Read More

New decade, new you! But what if it’s not?!?

I adore the power of a new year. Who am I kidding? I adore the power of a brand new week! All that untapped potential, it’s like magic waiting to be unleashed, promises just waiting to be whispered. And so as we end 2019 and are promised not just a new year but a whole new decade, can you imagine … Read More

If you’re ready to quit, read this …

There’s a plant in our house which, until last year, lived in my daughter’s bedroom. It was looking a bit sad and neglected so some time last year she moved it to the dining room where everyone could be responsible for remembering to water it. Earlier this year,  I noticed “everyone” actually meant “no-one” and the poor thing was dead. Never … Read More

What are you expecting?

Monday morning. A brand new week. What are you expecting? Are you expecting a wonderful new week full of exciting opportunities? Are you expecting a tough new week full of trials and tough stuff? Sometimes life just happens but what if, some of the time, the stuff we expect is actually what ends up happening? Maybe that sounds a little … Read More

You might just be amazed at what you find under the hood!

Sat in church yesterday morning and the chap preaching started telling us a story from his days managing a children’s home. This came after a story about the time he and his wife bought a new house so as to accommodate four brothers they’d been asked to foster. Did you ever listen to someone and find yourself realising that there … Read More

A reminder for those days when you’re glad it’s over!

Did you ever have one of those days where you go to bed thankful that the day’s over so at least you can’t say the wrong thing any more? And not in a feeling sorry for yourself kinda way. You’ve just had one of those days. Maybe you had an argument with someone you love, largely because you were tired … Read More