The art of doing less

As we head into another Friday, the piece my noodle keeps coming back to is the reminder to be kind. Not to other people, you’re already doing that most of the time. Nope, the person I feel compelled to remind you to be kind to today is you. It goes back to the idea of over estimating what can be … Read More

If your life were an advert, what promises would you make?

Well hello there. Happy Friday!┬áIt’s been a crazy 10 days and I’ve never been gladder (if that’s even a word!) to greet Friday with a great big hug and a smoochy wet kiss! And after messing around with my website yesterday and getting all excited about the pretty colours on Facebook last night, I woke up thinking about promises. Specifically … Read More

How to hang out with God while training for a marathon …

Something I haven’t talked about much, other than the occasional post on Facebook, but next April I’m running a marathon. Some context … I’ve never run a race before. In fact, last year was the first time I ran as an adult and the farthest I ever got was a little over 3 miles (that was yesterday!) It’s my eldest … Read More