What would you do if free of expectations or commitments?

It might feel like a stupid question. After all, none of us is completely free of commitments.  We all have things that clamour for our attention, probably multiple times per day! But what if you didn’t? Play pretend for a moment. Imagine you were given a free week. Not necessarily a holiday because that comes with a different set of expectations, … Read More

Sometimes you have to throw out the list and just go with it ….

So if you’ve been playing along, you’ll know that yesterday was a bit of a wobbly day. I woke up feeling pretty, hmmm, there’s no other word for it than ‘meh’ and it did not get any better until I acknowledged the feeling out loud. That’s so not like me, I decided to poke at it with a stick a … Read More

One thing you can totally say “no” to …

Hiya and welcome to part two of “the game of yes” 🙂 This is the “exception to the game” edition because, like I mentioned on Tuesday, there is one category of stuff in particular that I’m massively opposed to. Can you guess what it might be? That’s right, it’s the dreaded ‘shoulds’. Doing anything because you think you ought to … Read More

What if you said yes? (But only for one day!)

Good morning lovely and welcome to a brand new day 🙂 So I have a post on half which I’ve been struggling with, a lot, all about the power of saying no. That might get finished, one day, but here’s where I’m at …. Saying “no” to some things is really important, there’s one category of stuff in particular that I personally … Read More

Could Tuesday be the new Monday?

Do you ever have the kind of weekend where you get to the end of it and it’s like you’ve had no weekend at all? Or, maybe you get part way into the new week and you find yourself feeling totally burned out already? So, I have this theory … You know how everyone complains about Monday? Well, not me. … Read More

37 reasons to smile

Yesterday marked my 37th birthday and as I was falling asleep the night before, I had an idea, in honour of this momentous number (I’m told by my children that I am now very old!) to riff on 37 reasons to smile. It started out quite thoughtful and deep (in my pre-sleep swirly brain at least!) but then, after a brilliant … Read More

Are you ready to upset the status quo?

Do you know how sometimes something happens and it’s like the exact opposite of what you were expecting? Or maybe it’s something that seems so left of field, you wouldn’t have even considered it as an option? OK, so yeah, that was yesterday. I was driving toward the (green) traffic lights, on my way to pick the kids up from … Read More

What if it was ok to tweak and adjust as you went?

If you’re a heart surgeon this is terrible advice but for the rest of us mere mortals, there’s something to be said for having a target in mind and then allowing for adjustments along the way. As an aside, if you are a heart surgeon, send me a tweet and tell me. If you’re also a massive Doctor Who fan, … Read More

What if the entire paradigm is wrong?

One of the things I love most about being an entrepreneur is the freedom. With the children in school from nine until three, the usual routine is to work during those hours so that when they come home, it’s family time. And mostly that works out great (although all too often, my longed for ‘family time’ turns into ‘playing taxi … Read More