New decade, new you! But what if it’s not?!?

I adore the power of a new year. Who am I kidding? I adore the power of a brand new week! All that untapped potential, it’s like magic waiting to be unleashed, promises just waiting to be whispered. And so as we end 2019 and are promised not just a new year but a whole new decade, can you imagine … Read More

It’s not about the tool …

I think it’s fair to say that I’m pretty impetuous. When we go swimming, I don’t edge in gently allowing myself to get used to the cold. Nope, I’m the one who’ll jump in, feet first (I’m no diver!) When I decide to create a new thing or offer a new service, you can bet I’ll have designed the book cover or written … Read More

It’s only too late if you say it is

I used to say that I’m rubbish at losing weight but that’s simply not true. The reality is, I’m brilliant at losing weight – over the last twenty years I’ve lost the same 60lb more times than I care to remember! It’s always been a case of knowing what I needed to do and then, so long as I did it, … Read More

For those days when you don’t wanna …

No matter how much you love what you do, there are going to be days when it feels like a slog. I got to my desk this morning, opened Scrivener and the latest manuscript I’m playing with and my head said, “meh!” The sun is shining. Both my daughters left for separate school trips in Europe yesterday. It’s Friday. Insert whichever excuse you … Read More

Are you waiting for the perfect time?

You know what I’m going to say. There is no perfect time. If all the wannabe parents waited for the perfect time to have children for example, the world would soon cease to exist (either that or all children would be the product of one too many glasses of vino!) If my youngest had waited for the perfect time to … Read More

What are you expecting?

Monday morning. A brand new week. What are you expecting? Are you expecting a wonderful new week full of exciting opportunities? Are you expecting a tough new week full of trials and tough stuff? Sometimes life just happens but what if, some of the time, the stuff we expect is actually what ends up happening? Maybe that sounds a little … Read More

Asking isn’t the scary bit …

Asking, it goes without saying that it’s a good idea. We might resist it until we’re really desperate, simply because it’s mildly terrifying to put yourself out there, but eventually there comes a time when all of us learn, first hand, the power of the ask. You’ve probably got examples of times when you asked something of someone and the results … Read More

What if the game really is won or lost in your head?

If you’re sat there thinking, “Well duh! Of course the game’s all in our heads” then you’re about where I was about two hours ago. But there’s a difference between knowing something, logically, and it actually impacting us at a deeper level. Sometimes the distance between heart and head is huge! Bit of context: I watched a video this morning … Read More

Sometimes you’re just not meant to get over that wall!

Thanks to the wonders of technology, as this email lands in your inbox, I’ll be somewhere in the south of England, watching my youngest brother graduate from the RAF. I’m super excited, and not least because I get to dress up fancy, but that’s a whole other story. Nathaniel wants to be a fireman. After he graduated from university, he … Read More

I quit!

It wasn’t quite as big or dramatic a decision as that, but on Christmas Day, I published my last daily dose email and podcast episode. I didn’t know what 2014 would look like yet. I expected to just take a little break before coming back. I’d had big grand plans for The Itchy Soul but suddenly none of it sat … Read More