Embrace relationship

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: Waiting on me is not a passive, inactive endeavour. Yes, there are times when I invite you to literally sit with me and do nothing. In those moments we are simply being together with no other agenda needed. And I love those times, they allow me to build you and encourage you, but that’s not … Read More

I’ve been waiting for this moment

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: You have this sense that, because you read so many references in the bible to the power of waiting on Me, that I am slow and need to catch up with you. That could not be further from the truth! I am not slow and you’re not waiting around for me. I have been waiting … Read More

Can you expect the very best from me?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: What if you expected only the very best from me? Yes, unfulfilled expectations have been a source of great disappointment to you in the past but we’re not living in yesterday. Today is a brand new day! I am so much more than you realise. You see glimpses of my brilliance from time to time … Read More

What are you expecting?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: It it time to bring all your expectations – fulfilled and unfulfilled – and explore them with me. There are some areas of your life where you are disappointed and I want to redeem those pieces. As you bring each expectation to me, I want you to be real about how you’re feeling. Do you … Read More

Abide in me

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: The filter through which you view life, the world, even me, changes what you will see and hear. If you believe that I am love (and I am!) you can face challenges, contradictions and uncertainty with confidence. Confidence in who I am to you. Confidence that, even though you don’t understand everything going on, I … Read More

Not just good but even better?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: Have you ever paused to consider how I’m moving in the difficult seasons of life and, not only turning them to good, but turning them to even better? “Even better” within the context of what I’m inviting you to move into next. “Even better” doesn’t negate the beauty and wonder of the previous season. This … Read More

Take the next step

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: As you move forward, avoid the temptation to overthink and over plan. You don’t need to know exactly where we’re going or who you’ll meet along the way. As you move with me, you can be certain that I will orchestrate divine connections but you don’t need to know who and where in advance. Instead, … Read More

Lean on me

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: Lean on me. You don’t need to will your way to being strong or capable. Yes, I give you the words and love to be strong for other people but you need to do so empowered by me otherwise you’ll simply exhaust yourself. And leaning on me was how you were always created to do … Read More

My heart aches for humanity

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: That feeling you have where you would move heaven and earth if you could to stop your loved one being in pain? Or the desire to do almost anything in order to have one more day with them? The ache you feel, the pain of searing loss? Who do you think you get that from? … Read More

Come to me every time

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: It’s a lie that it’s hard to hear from me. I’ve been speaking to you since before you were born. Even those times that seem difficult or different are simply an invitation to explore new ways of communicating with me. I’m never far from you. I’m right there inside of you. You in me and … Read More