Everything good is a gift

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: Life with me doesn’t have to be complicated. You make it complicated when you try and say the right words or force yourself to jump through hoops. Why do you try and do that? There’s no barrier between us and I never ask you to perform tricks to come close to me. Coming close is … Read More

An invitation to grow

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: There’s something incredibly powerful about joining with others in worship. Think of these times as your “top ups” or “faith builders” because when two or more of you are gathered together, I am there in the midst of you. You feel my presence when you meet with me in community. These are incredibly times and … Read More

Real worship

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: It’s time to explore and step into a life of worship. To worship is to be utterly absorbed. You find yourself hanging onto my every word, delighting in my presence and relishing our time together. The picture of this in the natural is when someone falls in love. They are besotted! Friends or family might … Read More

The mess never negates my promises

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: Sometimes life is messy but guess what? The mess never negates my promises. King David started life as the youngest member of his family with big brothers who spoke down to him. They didn’t even invite him into the room when Samuel asked to be introduced to Jesse’s sons! Joseph the dreamer was hated by … Read More

I didn’t create you for mundane!

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: Hearing me – the whispers, the nudges, the still small voice – and acting on them is more significant and powerful than you know. I wish you could see how I smile every time you hear me and act on what you hear. Can you imagine what it’s like to be wooing someone, whispering your … Read More

It’s not just about you

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: Pause in this moment. It is not hard for you to hear me when you simply pause and ask me what I’m saying. I have so many glorious and wonderful things to share with you and it always starts with love. My love for you and my love for the people in your day. I … Read More

Show them my heart

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: Close your eyes and see me, the master craftsman, in my workshop. Imagining and dreaming and designing and creating. It is time to recognise who you are, who I created you to be, and the value I place upon your life. The precious work of art isn’t given away for free. It is priceless and … Read More

Take me at my word

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: Just like a masterpiece is created in the mind’s eye of the artist before one stroke of paint is laid on the canvas, so too did I see you before the creation of the world. I saw you and held you in my mind’s eye, dreaming of everything you would be and do and experience … Read More

Do life with me today

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: Your eyes are the lamp and gateway to your soul. Whatever you gaze upon becomes elevated and amplified. That’s why I remind you to fix your eyes on Jesus. The more elevated and amplified Jesus is in your life, the less room there will be for fear, doubt and confusion. I want to open all … Read More

Who am I?

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: Have you every paused to consider what life with me might be like if you stopped trying so hard? The flower growing towards the sun doesn’t need to try very hard. Yes, lots of energy is taken up as it grows but where does that energy come from? The sun. And where does the power … Read More