Shawn Donahoo: Good is the enemy of best

Welcome to episode 9 of Lead By Design and today I’m delighted to be joined by musician and composer Shawn Donahoo. Join us as Shawn shares his journey, from the safe and financially sound career choice of engineering to following God’s nudge, accepting the call on his life, and stepping into full time music. If you’re finding yourself trying to … Read More

This moment is all there is

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: How do you live in the reality of my love? The same way you do everything … one moment at a time! This moment really is all there is. Yes, you like to make plans, have goals and dreams to work towards, but you always only ever get there one moment, one choice, at a … Read More

Take me at my word

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: I am always with you. Where would I go? Remove a fish from water and it will die. Remove you from me and you too will perish. In me you live and move and have your very being. I am all around you, holding this world together and in you, wooing you with my love. … Read More

Begin again

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: Take a deep breath. You can begin again in this moment. Breathe in and allow the reality of my love to fill you. I am closer than the air that you breathe – and even more vital! You are held together with my words. My words have power and you, made in my image, have … Read More

Do from a place of being

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: I want to overtake you with my goodness. Your life is a story and together we can make it a glorious one! This is not about “and they all lived happily ever after”, although that is coming. This is about the grit and the mess and the overcoming. That story is beautiful! And as you … Read More

You’re never “too much” for me

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: There are lots of things to explore, so many possibilities, but remember this – you explore each with me, and one piece at a time. Stop focussing on the whole path in front of you, trying to see it all, with the myriad of winding routes and options. It’s enough to drive you crazy! Instead, … Read More

Amy Allmon: Exciting devotion to Jesus

Welcome to episode 8 of Lead By Design and today I’m delighted to be joined by the hope-slinger, Amy Allmon. Join us as Amy shares her forty year journey into relationship with Jesus and prepare to be both challenged and encouraged to take the next step with God. Links & Resources

Relationship is my invitation

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: When all of life seems to be tumbling down around you, I will help you stand. It’s time to explore failure. When things go “wrong”, it’s never what you think it is. And that word “wrong” is so subjective and open to interpretation depending upon one’s perspective. It’s always about perspective. The story changes everything! … Read More

Love from the overflow

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: Never stop dreaming with me. Your imagination is my playground and I want us to dream and create an incredible adventure together. I didn’t stop creating when I spoke the world into existence. Yes, all those many years ago from your perspective but just last week and right at this very moment from mine. Time … Read More

I’m moving in this moment

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note: Take a deep breath. I am working and moving in all things for your good. There is a plan and a purpose for your life. You have a calling and that has not changed, regardless of today’s circumstances or challenges. Take me at my word and believe that I am working right now, in this … Read More