Love is the only antidote

When I woke up yesterday morning to see one of my friends in the US had changed her Facebook profile to a union jack in the shape of a heart, I knew something bad had happened. The caption on her photo Pray for Manchester told me where and BBC news filled in the details. Thanks to our increasingly connected world, whether it … Read More

How a smile from a stranger inspired an ‘aha!’ …

You might remember last week I went on a bit of a ‘What if every day was delightful?’ crusade and, based on the emails I got in reply, it seems I might not be the only one who thinks every day delight could be the way forward. I wanted to share a moment from last week that inspired it all. … Read More

Are worrying and praying two sides of the same coin?

Do you ever have those days where a tiny little thought catches hold of you and, before you know it, it’s multiplied and sent your whole morning spinning? Last night, the ceiling in my son’s bedroom fell down. Actually, it wasn’t quite as dramatic as that (thankfully!) It was just part of the coving. It bumped him on the head … Read More

How to hang out with God while training for a marathon …

Something I haven’t talked about much, other than the occasional post on Facebook, but next April I’m running a marathon. Some context … I’ve never run a race before. In fact, last year was the first time I ran as an adult and the farthest I ever got was a little over 3 miles (that was yesterday!) It’s my eldest … Read More

What a six year old Minecraft addict can teach us about prayer …

My son is home from school today. He has a cold. Apparently man-flu starts waaay before a kid hits puberty. And as is par for the course, by the middle of the afternoon, he got bored. We’d done Finding Nemo and Wreck-It Ralph while he convalesced. Car tracks had been built and left rejected as they lost their charm. We’d … Read More