It’s time to get smartest!

The new year is well and truly over, it’s almost Christmas all over again! But what about all those plans you made back in January? Maybe right now you’re more focussed on your taxes than getting stuff done, but what if I told you the new year is just a number? What if you could decide, right now today, that … Read More

What if there was no right or wrong way?

The last few days have been a little bit mental. I’ve been writing my Morning Pages, keen to stick to the process, but unlike the first three weeks, it’s not really flowed. Some mornings the words falling from my fingers have felt little better than flotsam, but even the junk has its uses and so I pressed on. I use an … Read More

What a difference a day makes …

If you were around at the end of last week, you’ll know that two-thirds of my children have been galavanting round Europe for the last few days. They’ve had a fabulous time and while they’ve been away, Michael (my youngest) and I have been having fun too. Doctor Who in Cardiff. Two trips to the cinema. Meals out. It’s been … Read More

If you’re ready to quit, read this …

There’s a plant in our house which, until last year, lived in my daughter’s bedroom. It was looking a bit sad and neglected so some time last year she moved it to the dining room where everyone could be responsible for remembering to water it. Earlier this year,  I noticed “everyone” actually meant “no-one” and the poor thing was dead. Never … Read More

Does the beginning dictate the end?

Alert: Massive British stereotype ahead! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! ? The weather here is weird! (And not the wonderful weird I wrote about last week.) After a lovely few days last week, today, if it wasn’t for the crazy humidity, would be bordering on cold. What’s that about?!? It hasn’t stopped me working outside though. Okay yes, it was … Read More

The art of doing less

As we head into another Friday, the piece my noodle keeps coming back to is the reminder to be kind. Not to other people, you’re already doing that most of the time. Nope, the person I feel compelled to remind you to be kind to today is you. It goes back to the idea of over estimating what can be … Read More

How do you know which idea is the very best one?

It’s a trick question of course. There’s no such thing as the “best” idea. To suggest otherwise is akin to maintaining that each of us has one soul mate, that perfect person we’re destined to be with forever. What if your soul mate lived thousands of miles away and didn’t speak English? Unless you were incredibly patient – and a frequent flyer! … Read More

Are you celebrating the teeny tiny wins?

I crept up the stairs, sidestepping the creaky one, my feet as light as they can be for someone as clumsy as me. (And no, that really isn’t me just trying to be cute. I regularly fall over my own feet!) When I got to the top of the stairs I saw my youngest daughter’s light was off. I poked … Read More

What if you didn’t ignore the nudges?

Have you ever had that thing where someone pops in your head randomly and, when you reach out to them, it ends up being the most perfect timing ever? Or maybe sometimes you feel compelled to do something (and no, I’m not talking about eating three kitkats!) and when you follow your instincts, it’s perfect? Or maybe you follow your … Read More

Reminder: You are not a tree!

After moaning to myself over the weekend (in my head! You’ll be glad to learn that my long-suffering family weren’t forced to hear all about it!) about how I wasn’t writing enough, I woke up this morning realising that there was only one way to fix that – write more! And it seems so simple but how many times do we … Read More