For such a time as this?

In this week’s episode of the podcast we’re exploring that nudge you’re getting from God, with the reminder that you do have a choice and it is also entirely possible that you are just the right person, at just the right time, in just the right place. Or in other words … for such a time as this! With the … Read More

Your identity in Jesus starts today!

Today’s episode is an extension of the Holy Spirit Love Note from today, exploring how we move forward while we’re still figuring stuff out. Spoiler alert: The answer is love! Plus the reminder that we don’t have to do things the way someone else does, even if that “someone else” is someone who’s done or is doing amazing things with … Read More

Bring it back to love

During a season of learning and growth, it can be challenging to juggle different teachings. This is never truer than when it comes to juggling the teaching within the church. It seems there’s a reason we have sooo many different Christian denominations! Covid19 has been a time of learning for me personally so I asked God about these seeming contradictions … Read More


Today is one of those “I needed this and I suspect you will at some point too!” episodes. And if you don’t need it today, mentally log it for that day when you do. (Not a member of the Itchy Soul Playground yet? to join us today! 🥰 )

Wired for love

At the end of last week, Romans 13:8 reminded us, “the only obligation you have is to love one another” and in today’s episode, I come with a challenge and a reminder. The latter is a reminder of how God has wired your brain to help make loving more doable, one action at a time. Think of this as an … Read More

All of you

Fair warning: In today’s episode you almost made me cry! But let’s take that as a good sign as we explore the reminder of all the Holy Spirit shares with us and how we can tap into the very best God has for you. We touch on one of my favourite topics: doing life WITH God instead of FOR God, … Read More

When life feels crazy …

Today’s episode of the podcast is a reminder for those times when life feels a bit crazy – or even just all over the place and different to how you were anticipating it would be! It was a very personal reminder but I felt a nudge to share with you too because, as is so often the case, what I … Read More

A plan and a purpose

Today’s episode is focussed on helping us prepare for the next quarter but doing so WITH God. We also dig in a little bit to the resistance some people feel around setting goals. But remember, as ever, this is a conversation starter. The real magic happens when you share what comes up for you in the Playground. Given the focus … Read More

Seek First The Kingdom

Welcome to another episode of Youier, the podcast for members of the Itchy Soul Playground. In this episode, we’re exploring the idea of what it means to seek first God’s Kingdom but, as ever, this is a conversation starter. Come over to the Playground and let’s explore what it looks like, together! Not a member of the Playground yet? Here’s … Read More

Active patience

Today’s episode is inspired by Hebrews 6:11+12 where we read that the writer doesn’t want his readers to become lazy while being patient. This struck me as a bit of a funny pairing and led to what we’re exploring today … active patience. After you’ve listened and sat with God to hear what He has for you to take from … Read More