5 Questions To Start Living Your Best Year Ever, Today

I'm excited to share 5 Questions To Living Your Best Year Ever, Today with you.

My mission here at the Itchy Soul Playground is to inspire you to smile more by being Youier, the person God created you to be.

But it doesn't happen by accident, that's why, in addition to the 5 Questions checklist, I'll also send you access to my little goal-setting book, Youier Goal Setting, plus a number of lovely "extras" to help mare your journey even easier!


You'll get immediate access to the freebies library including The Playbook and my Quarterly Quickstart + Win The Week Planner.

Plus, the audiobook version of Youier Goal Setting.

Then, every Friday at noon UK time I'll send you my weekly "love note".

bible verse, a little note of encouragement, and a mini-game or writing prompt for you to play with. (But only when you want to. You never need to "catch up" or feel like you're "behind". This is meant to be fun & inspiring, not another "thing" on your to-do list!)

Here's what others are saying about Youier Goal Setting ...

Your journey to success doesn't have to be a continuous battle.

I enjoyed reading this book very much, its clarity and humour makes it an easy read. It feels like you are having a chat with your very experienced and knowledgeable friend: you are given very practical tips and guidance in a non-pedantic way.

If you're looking for one of these highly motivational books that teaches you how to fight your way through adversities and never stop until you reach - bruised and tattered - the very top, well, this is not for you.

Because El gives advice taking into account the day to day problems, pointing you into the direction of your dreams and goals in a kind, but firm manner.

You are given worksheets and PDF bonuses, and, just like the book, everything is workable, everything is achievable.

You don't need to jump on huge, paralysing goals and try to get them done in a day (only to fail, be disappointed and abandon them).

But you are encouraged - and shown how - to make your dreams come true step by step. You don't need to struggle at all, achieving success can be fun!

A quick but worthwhile book.

This is an easy to follow, quick to read, oh-so-useful little book!! Get it and read it and, without even trying you will find yourself with a whole new perspective on the daily grind and conquering the to-do-list.

I loved it, and as a former business owner and then a business mentor for start-ups and now at home, I am a devotee of a sound and manageable to-do-list...but now I have the author's secret of making it a list I can complete!!

So even if you are not a business person, there are lots of great ideas in this little but lovely book to help you manage your life, and get on with the business of living!