Heaven's whispering "I love you". It's time to lift up your head & hear the whisper.

Dear friend I haven't met yet ...

I'm so honoured that you're here. Your friend's excited about the Holy Spirit Love Notes and thinks you'll love them too - and now you're here! How fun is that?!?

Introducing the Holy Spirit Love Notes ...

A personal day by day journey with God, the nudges and the whispers, shared in their raw form with the prayer that they will help you in whatever way you most need encouraging today.

Available for the first time direct to your inbox ...


Here's how it all started ...

Back in April 2020, I was given a piece of homework: To ask Holy Spirit, “what are you saying today?” And then to write down what I heard.

Little did I know then that this would be the start of an incredible journey of learning to hear from God more.

Plus an even deeper understanding of God and His love.

About two weeks into the homework I heard a whisper: “Share these notes with the members of The Blue House

“But they’re ours,” I whined in reply.

“They are, but other people need to hear this too, so share what I share with you.”

And so day by day in The Blue House the love notes were shared and then I felt another nudge: "It's time to share them more widely"

It's therefore my pleasure and delight to be able to offer you the daily Holy Spirit Love Notes direct to your inbox every week day morning.