Did you hear about this weird brain hack that will help you move forward in your business?

Did you hear the one about the fox and the grapes?

No, it’s not a knock-knock joke. It’s the story of the wily old fox who, after realising that he couldn’t reach the yummy, plump grapes, decided he didn’t really want them anyway!

That’s the power of deciding, albeit the negative power in this case.

So yesterday, over on our party hangout page, I encouraged you to make a decision about what you want to achieve over the next 4 weeks, and then say it out loud. It’s the fox and the grapes all over again.

You decide what you want and, by stating it, your brain needs to fill in the spaces to make that thing actually happen. Weird eh?

Now, I’m smart enough to understand that it’s not as easy as just deciding I want a bright red sports car. It wouldn’t be very practical anyway – I have three kids!

But isn’t that kind of the point? I would never decide I wanted a red sports car (aside from the fact that my favourite colour is blue!) because it wouldn’t suit my needs right now.

So what about if, instead of messing around picking fictitious things that we don’t really want and wasting time and energy debating whether it would even work, we instead decided what that thing is that we really would like?

I purposefully kept it open-ended yesterday because I want to give you space to find your own answers but if you need help getting started, think about what your big dreams are for September.

And then think … what can you practice/work on/develop over the next 4 weeks that will help get you set up ready for success in September?

And remember, there is massive power in just deciding and then moving forward as if the thing you decided is already a given.

Yes, it’s good to be flexible and open to change. God tells us he has really cool stuff in mind for us, even more fab than we can dream up, so flexible is good.

But God gave you those dreams, gifts and ambitions so instead of sitting around, wondering and worrying if you’re making the right decision, why not just decide, and then move forward?

We both know God’s more than capable of giving you a nudge if he needs to so just decide and then do it.

Until the next time, keep smiling. 🙂