Does it ever feel like your brain just needs a reset button?!?

I was in the shower yesterday morning and I thought of you.

No, not like that. Silly 🙂

It was more a kind of noticing and then almost right away the thought, I need to tell you about it, in case you do this too.

So what did I notice?

I noticed my thoughts. They were going at like one thousand miles an hour.

As I stepped into the shower I was thinking about one thing but then within seconds it was something else and then that other thought led me in another tangent and, and …

And then I noticed.

So I tried to drag myself back to just being. It was like this reminder in my head. To just stop for a minute.

“Enough already!”

I literally stood there with my head directly under the shower outlet, allowing it all to just spill over me, into my eyes, over my hair. That feeling of just nothing other than the sensation of the water.

It was like all the noise in my head was washing away too.

Do you ever get like that? Have so much going on in there, you have to be reminded to shut it off for a bit?

It’s got to the point where I can’t be relied upon to remember anything unless I write it down.

Like yesterday … we went out in the car and my husband noticed a mark on the seat from where our eldest had spilled something.

He couldn’t understand how I could have forgotten about it by the time I got home and, as a result, not wiped it. He was even more puzzled when I asked him to remind me when we got home because if he didn’t, I’d forget again!

The joy of being my brain eh?

But I’m certain I’m not alone. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who needs to be reminded to stop and just be.

So this is for you …

If you find yourself with thoughts and ideas tumbling over one another in your brain.

If your idea of switching off is to brainstorm on your iPad instead of at your desk.

If every single time you go to the cinema, you end up writing a note on your phone because there was something said in the movie that you don’t want to forget.

Today, for even just one moment of today, take time to stop and be still.

Open your ears. Open your heart. And just be.