Doing battle with our greatest weapon – love!

When we started exploring resisting the schemes of the enemy with love a few days ago, I had no idea Holy Spirit was planning on a mini-series!
But, today is part 3 and so if you’ve not enjoyed the previous two episodes, I’d recommend going back after watch this one because they’re all linked.
Today, the reminder that we don’t need to be scared, we simply need to keep talking to God! There is more power in His little finger than in all the forces of evil combined!
That said, one of the cleverest things the enemy ever did was have us believe the lie that he’s simply a cheeky little trickster!
It’s time to press into those conversations with God, because He is our greatest encourager, teacher and guide. And He IS love! So every time you show up in love, you’re showing up in God.

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