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Ideas and inspiration are beautiful! They're what get us out of bed in the morning.

But an idea that lives only in your head cannot impact the world. It's time to dream - and take action!

"Hiya, I'm El Edwards, founder of Youier and The Blue House and, for your purposes today, your Dream Catcher. I have a God-given superpower that makes it really easy for me to see the super in you.

I'm also a natural activator which means I cannot stand idly by watching brilliant folks like you live off the excitement of an idea. Excitement alone will not change the world!

Together we're going to explore all your dreams, goals and ambitions and seek God's heart for how you move forward.

Why? Because if it's on your heart it's on His heart - and He has a story He's inviting you to step into."

Say no more, I'm in!

So how does it work?

🎄Choose a time on my calendar for us to chat. We'll meet on Zoom and explore what's on your heart right now to focus on, your goals, dreams & ambitions. Together we'll talk to God about those things He's niggling you about. You'll leave our time together with clear "next steps" - or sometimes even "first steps".

🎄I'll send you a link to download an audio & video copy of our call. This is perfect for when you need an extra shot of motivation. There's something magical about hearing yourself and others get excited with God about His dreams for you.

🎄If you seem like a good fit and I think I can help you further, you'll also be offered an invitation to consider joining The Blue House. (There's absolutely no obligation or pressure to invest further, I simply need you to know that there are options for on-going support if you'd value it.)

"El was totally invested in our time together. We bounced thoughts and questions back and forth and, with the help of the ever-present Holy Spirit, we grew, discovered and learned together and even shared resources to encourage each other on our journeys.

It is a safe place to grow and be vulnerable in! So do not hesitate .. make a booking as soon as possible." - Acelia Synman

How much does it cost?

£200 GBP (≈$275 USD). You have options to pay with either your credit or debit card via Stripe or Paypal.

I'm ready to book!

Got questions?

Click the orange chat button at the bottom of the page and leave me a note! 😁

Choose a date & time that works for you. Your dreams cannot wait!