Sometimes you’ve just got to go with the easy wins

Sometimes you’ve just got to go with the easy wins

  • Like going to bed at a decent hour because you’re tired, instead of fighting it just a little longer because you still have stuff to do.
  • Like saying, “yes please” and “thank you” when someone kindly offers to help you out with something that you’ve been trying to figure out for ages.
  • Like choosing to write about the first idea that pops in your head, no matter how simple or too basic your brain might tell you it is, instead of hunting around for something smarter or funnier.
  • Like choosing to look for something to smile about (and not just because it’s International Day of Happiness!)
  • Like getting silly giddy pleasure from realising that it’s your brother’s birthday and also International Day of Happiness. OK, so maybe that’s just me. But still, pretty cool eh? 😉
  • Like taking time to have an extra coffee and really enjoying it, just because you can.

This life is all too often full of really tough stuff and it’s very easy to get lost, focussing on the doom and the gloom. But you know what?

If you allow yourself to set the bar just a little lower and accept that there are lots of things to smile about today, even if they’re silly, daft things like pretending you’re conducting the whole orchestra as you drive home from school listening to radio 3, it might just make your whole today a little bit brighter.

Sure, it won’t cure cancer or get your nominated for the next peace prize but that’s ok.

Life is about the little things, the seemingly ordinary day to day things. Bring smiles to those moments and you win.

So go on, give it a try. I dare you 😉