Woohoo, you’re all set. I can’t wait!

Here’s your “next steps” & what to expect:

🎄 Choose a time for us to meet on Zoom:

NOTE: If you don’t see a time that works for you, email me el(at)youier(dot)com and we’ll manually schedule a time “after hours”.

🎄 If you don’t already have Voxer on your phone, click here to download it.

🎄 Search for “mseledwards” and add me or click on this button …

🎄 Voxing Day runs from 10am – 3pm UK time but you can Voxer me outside those times and I’ll get back to you the very next day! (Because yes, if you live in a different time zone to me, some of my “awake” is when you’re asleep but there is nothing to stop you messaging me when I’m offline.)

🎄 Pro-tip: You’ll have access to all our messages for as long as you have the app so instead of taking laborious notes, consider jotting down a quick note of the time time stamp to make it easy to go back and listen at a later date. Much more fun & efficient!

🎄 But first, we meet on Zoom! Here’s a reminder of the link you’ll need: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/7540154608  (And yes, you’ll get all of this information direct to your inbox too! 😁)