God is THAT good!

When I tell people that I have conversations with God, like actual back and forth conversations like you would with your best friend, sometimes they look at me like I’m a crazy person!  
And I understand that it might sound a bit crazy, depending on the picture of God you grew up with or how you were taught to pray.  
Today’s episode is a reminder and a celebration that God really is THAT good! He loves you, He wants to be known by you, and He’s been whispering His love for you since the beginning of time.  
Plus an invitation … if you’ve never asked God a question, consider this your invitation to start! And if you need help, I believe that’s why Holy Spirit nagged me relentlessly until the Youier book was finished!  
July is the Youier book tour so yes, you can buy it on Amazon but really the focus is on sharing the book with as many people as possible so please, download it for free, consider it my gift to you: Youier.com/download-youier  
Read it with an open heart. Savour it. Ask Holy Spirit the questions in the prompts. And if you know someone who would also enjoy it, please gift them a copy too – and know that you do so with a big thank you from me!  
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