Happiness is not a destination …

After a bit of a turbulent end to last week, I’ve been pondering a lot about happiness over the last few days.

It’s really easy to get focussed on goals and ambitions and future plans, so much so that we slip into this pattern of thinking, “I’ll be happy when …”

And sure, ideally, when you do the stuff you’re aiming for then yes, you will be happy (if not, why are you even bothering to aim for it?!?) but who says we can’t be happy, right now, today?

Since when is our happiness dictated by our proximity to realising our ambitions?

Ambitions are tricky beasts anyway. Maybe yours are neatly typed (and laminated!) but I find myself tweaking and adjusting as I go, if not weekly, then at least every month or so. If my happiness is tied to realising ambitions I might never smile again! 😉

So what’s the alternative?

Life is messy and yes, sometimes it makes us cry, and there are days that we’ll get to the end of that we’ll be soooo glad to see the back of, but despite that, what if you chose to smile every day?

What you smile at is the stuff of a whole other conversation (yes, we’ll be having that one later in the week. Fear not.) but just now, for today, I want to challenge you to actively look for something to smile about.

It might be something silly or tiny or even something you created for yourself (I smile every time I put on a squish of my favourite perfume because it smells so delightful) but what that something is is largely irrelevant.

It’s time to ditch the happiness destination and choose to allow ourselves joy and delight and loveliness in every single day.

You game?