How a smile from a stranger inspired an ‘aha!’ …

You might remember last week I went on a bit of a ‘What if every day was delightful?’ crusade and, based on the emails I got in reply, it seems I might not be the only one who thinks every day delight could be the way forward.

I wanted to share a moment from last week that inspired it all.

I was in my car. Not usually the most inspiring of places you might think but I did have one of my favourite albums playing so that was a good start at least.

So as I was paused at the traffic lights, listening to “How Long Will I Love You?” and quite happily minding my own business, a man came toward the crossing in that kind of run/walk way that people have when they’re in a bit of a hurry but don’t want to do full out running.

He looked at me, leaned forward on my steering wheel enjoying the music, and gave me a big smile. It was fab!

That moment totally made my morning.

And I know it’s kind of random and really was nothing, but, at the same time, it was lovely.

And that in turn got me thinking about how we all too easily miss those moments. It’s the random smiles and unexpected little things that have the potential to transform a day.

But you have to keep your eyes open.

If we walk around with our heads down, shutting out the world, we never give delight a chance.

It reminds me of that bit in the bible where it talks about entertaining strangers and, that by so doing, you might be playing host to angels.

What if that little glimmer of delight in your day was actually God smiling?

What if every single thing that made you stop in wonder was actually a love note?

What if, every single day, God is whispering to you, and you’re too busy, too stressed and too quick to actually notice?

What if we kept our eyes open, expecting the smiles, the love notes and the whispers? What might that look like?