How to do just about anything, without going insane or losing all your friends in the process.

I’m a ferocious learner. If I could build a business where I get paid to read and watch and intake stuff and then use that knowledge to inspire people to action, I’d die a very happy lady.

“So I read in a book …” will be on my tomb stone!

But I digress.

Last night I started a book about hacking your motivation. (Hat tip to Sarah.) It’s wonderful! And so much stuff in there that I can (and have) started to apply, right away.

And yes, I know I’m easily pleased. I used that exact same word ‘wonderful’ just yesterday to describe the film I’d been to see with my fella.

But really, both were fab.

So anyway, the book.

Today I wanted to mention just one thing that, right away, I’ve started doing because, already, it’s totally working.

It’s called the “Success Spiral” and it works like this …

Success breeds confidence and motivation which in turn, breeds more success and so on and so forth until, before you know it, you’re doing stuff that you would never have believed yourself possible of, just a few weeks or months earlier.

But here’s the trick … to keep having the success, you need to go for the small wins and they need to be tied to stuff that you actually want to do.

Start so tiny that it takes practically no time at all.

You can not possibly fail and by making those small wins tied to the big picture stuff, it keeps you moving forward on the things that actually have the potential to make a difference in your life.

Let me give you two examples that I’ve written down for myself this morning …

(1) Eat slowly and consciously for 1 meal each day.

Notice that I didn’t say ‘every meal’. It’s just one single meal. Today it was breakfast. I enjoyed my meal, took my time and, as a result, found it really easy to notice when I was getting full and took that as my cue to stop eating.

Was it easy? Yes!

Will I maybe do the same later at another meal? Yes!

But do I have to? No, because I’ve already succeeded and eaten slowly for one meal today.

(2) Write my book for 15 minutes.

One of my rarely spoken dreams is the desire to write books, lots of them and yet somehow I’ve gotten to 35 years of age without a single title to put my name to.

I want that to change but I need to keep it easy and fun, hence the teeny, tiny, goal of 15 minutes per day.

Will I sometimes decide to keep writing for longer than 15 minutes? Yes!

But do I have to? No way!

If I write just 100 words a day, every day, one year from now I’ll have written 36,500 words. Enough to fill a short book.

See how this can work?

Small, easy wins. Together they add up to novels and losing 60lb and running a marathon and, and … just about anything you can imagine.

Does the thought of that make your pulse quicken a little?

Excited? Me too! 😉