If God loves you just as you are (He does!) then why not be you?!?

In today’s episode, I felt nudged to share a somewhat historic personal story. Yes, you might call it the “Youier origin story”, that time God impacted me with His love in a really big way such that it changed the course of history – my personal history but since we’re all connected, maybe the world’s history too? We never really see the ripples from the seemingly small decisions we make but even I can see how much of a course correction this one expression of love made!
Throughout May I have the honour of sharing other people’s stories with God and if as you follow along you feel Holy Spirit nudge you to share a message, just drop me a line and tell me you’d like to play too and I’ll send you more info.
In the meantime, also in this episode is the reminder that you don’t have to play on your own! Come and join us in the Itchy Soul Playground. Youier.com/join for community, training and encouragement. I can’t wait to show you around!

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