If too many of your 50,000 thoughts per day are taken up with worrying, read this …

Gooood morning ย and welcome to a brand new day. I hope the sun is shining where you are this morning (unless you’re in California. I hear you guys could use the rain!) and that you’re having yourself a delightful start to the day.

I’m on my second flat white of the morning so you can be sure it’s going to be a good day in Chez El! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So you remember a few days ago I mentioned that I’d started running again? (Incidentally, calling it ‘running’ might be being a bit generous but hey, practicing being kind to myself!)

Anyways, the alarm went off at silly o’clock this morning and, as much as I’m an early bird, after being up late with a poorly 10 year old, the temptation to roll over and go back to sleep was just too much.

I was all set to enjoy an extra hour in bed but then the sun came up and my bladder started calling to me. OK, I’m up, I thought. I might as well do this. And so I did. And it was delightful. And yes, hard work, but did I mention delightful? Yeah, that ๐Ÿ™‚

As I was plodding along the path by the beach, a little bird caught my eye. He was darting about, having a grand ol’ time, only to be joined by a pal. (Apparently flying is soooo much more fun when you have company. Who’d have known it eh?)

I carried on doing my thing, thinking about the day to come, and chatting with God about it a bit too. I love to run without any music, largely because this is my only real dent of peace and quiet in the day so me and the big guy often enjoy the sun rise together.

And I got to chatting with him about work stuff. Options and decisions and what to do next type stuff and as I was thinking through all of that, the winged duo caught my attention again and this whole other thought popped in my head …

“Look at those two, flitting along, not a care in the world. If I’ve got them covered (and yes, I totally have) then I’ve got you covered too.”

Or in other words: chill out, don’t worry, I got this.

That’s easy to write, but not so easy to live by but, despite that, I couldn’t escape the reminder that you and I aren’t playing this game alone. We don’t have to know all the answers or have all the pieces in place, we just need to take the very next step forward, and then the one after that, and the one after that.

And sure, sometimes we feel like we’re taking a curly whirly route but you know what? The view is soooo much nicer on the scenic route! ๐Ÿ˜‰