If you haven’t got a dog or a child, it’s probably time to get one!

And if you’re constantly burning out, you probably need both!

How’s that for opinionated eh? 😉

OK, so there’s a bit of a back story to this. When isn’t there?

You may have gathered by now that I love Fridays. I tend to avoid all meetings or client calls and generally aim to just have as much fun as I possibly can.

The pace slows down and bit and yes, I do some work, but I like to have that wrapped up by lunchtime. Today however was different.

Next week is half-term which means the children are home. My husband and I are also off to Cardiff on Monday and, overall, the whole week will be a lot less work-focussed than usual.

So I decided today that I needed to get lots done, maybe write a few of next week’s Daily Dose episodes and other bits and bobs that would help me get a head a little.

I was ready to attack the day at about 100 miles per hour.

But then I got back from taking the children to school and the welcome home I got from the dog was so nice, I decided to take her for a walk before settling down to work.

And it was as I was walking happily along in the sunshine that I realised how much I love being outside and the freedom to do stuff when I want to. The sun was playing with the clouds. It was just lovely.

If it hadn’t been for the dog, I’d have been head down right away. I’d have missed the pleasure of being outside and, sure, the world wouldn’t have fallen apart as a result, but my day would have been less as a result.

Children have the same effect.

It is impossible to be a workaholic and have children. Even if I go into head-down, headphones-in mode, sooner or later, someone in the house needs me.

Whether it be a dog or a child, every entrepreneur needs someone to help them lift their head up and look around from time to time.

I used to think of it as an interruption and yes, there are still times when I close my office door so that they know not to come in for a little while (and yes, they are very good at ignoring that completely if my door stays shut too long!) but what if those little people or furry companions are actually a gift?

There are times when I would love nothing more than to be able to just press a pause button for a little while. To pause the mess and the noise and the squabbling and the washing.

We don’t say it out loud but sometimes having kids around is frustrating and maddening and impossible. Add the dog and her constant moulting and clamouring for attention to the mix and it’s enough to drive you bonkers!

A gift? Really?


Today is a gift and without the addition a child or a dog, it’s all too easy to miss it.

And so here’s to our babies, whether they be human or furry. Give one of them a hug just as soon as you can and remember to thank them for being them.