Welcome to The Blue House!


While you're waiting to get started ...

Everyone who joins The Blue House comes in via the ground floor where we have five delightful spaces but we also have two additional floors that you might be interested in. But first, know this ... this is not a "one time offer". You can choose to head up the stairs to the extra floors at any time you want to.


On the first floor of The Blue House you'll find:

  • The Reading Room: This is where we host "book club" once a month. It's also where you can share and explore everything Holy Spirit nudges you about as you read the Youier book. It's where we pause & practice hearing God's heart.
  • The Recording Room: Every Tuesday at 1.30pm UK / 8.30am ET we meet on Zoom to record the new episode of the Youier podcast and afterwards, we explore everything that came up during that episode.
  • The Library: Whether your goal is to write a book, get bolder about asking for the sale or simply to stop doubting yourself, The Blue House library has something for you - now including Youier Games, 12 games to help you build your resilience whilst digging into those things that niggle at you, the itch in your soul that calls you to answer the question, "now what?!?" (Because God knows even when you don't!)
  • Access to monthly one-day events live on Zoom: The final Sunday of every month we get together on Zoom to go deeper into a topic to help you be Youier.

Access the first floor for £30 (≈$40 USD) per month or £300 (≈$400USD) per year.


For extra support and accountability, we have a private small group space on the top floor of The Blue House:

  • The Rainbow Room: The Rainbow Room is for dreaming with God and taking action on His promises for you. Using the new Structure Your Year Like A Story framework, you'll have additional video teaching and weekly coaching calls to help you hear God's heart and move forward with the things He lays on your heart.

Access the top and first floor for £100 (≈$133 USD) per month or £1000 (≈$1325 USD) per year.

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Note: Login using the username you chose and the temporary password "logintochangeme". And yes, more details are waiting for you in your inbox right now!