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It's time to let God love you, the person He created you to be!

Who are you? What is your potential? Who did God create you to be?

It's time to stop "peeling off the onion layers" little by little. Jesus made you a new creation on the cross. It's time to discover who you already are.

Join The Itchy Soul Playground

When you let Him love you, whilst being who He made you to be, with Him, in all aspects of your life, that's when you can really thrive. Youier!

"I seriously would not be as far along as I am now in many of my life and business goals if not for this group and El's faithful and encouraging leadership. In fact, I'd venture to say that I'd either be only slightly along or not even started. The value of this group is incalculable to me."
Donna Maukonen

It's time to stop trying to figure this out on your own!

God, three in one, instituted, established and demonstrates love in community.

(Nope, it's never just you and yes, you are seen and known and loved - quite possibly more than you yet know!)

Society wants us to be self-sufficient, independent - but that goes against human nature, against the way we were created by our loving Father to be led by Holy Spirit.

You were made for God to love you. You were made to do life with Him.

Made in God's image, we're hardwired for love in community. It's all about relationship!

Say No More, I'm In!

I'm El Edwards, irrepressible silver-lining spotter with a compulsion to say the stuff most other people only say in their heads!

I'm here to inspire you to live a life slap bang in the centre of God's love, to ask those questions you almost dare not ask.

To be everything God had in mind for you when He dreamed you into existence with His love.

Join The Itchy Soul Playground

So what do you get when you join?

  • PRIVATE COMMUNITY WHERE YOU CAN SAFELY ASK QUESTIONS & PRACTICE BEING YOUIER:  As soon as you join, you'll be invited into our private community. This is your safe space online where you can be who you are, fully self-expressed, the 'made in the image of God' you. The Itchy Soul Playground is the one place where you can let it all hang out. Got a prayer request? Bring it! Not sure about something? Say it! What's shared in the playground stays in the playground and there are never any stupid questions.
  • DAILY(ISH!) HOLY SPIRIT LOVE NOTES: Whatever Holy Spirit lays on my heart to share with you. Often a bible verse, a little note of encouragement, sometimes a writing prompt. Candidly, these are usually daily but they're Holy Spirit led so from time to time He says, "pause" and I pause. Every 60 days or so these notes are compiled into one neat little ebook, available for you to download as part of your Playground membership. Perfect for those times when you want inspiration on hand to dip into.
  • MONTHLY (VIRTUAL) MEETUPS The private community is great for daily support, encouragement and accountability. Face to face connection takes it up a level! The last Tuesday of every month, we get together on Zoom for celebration, even deeper community and fun!
  • YOUIER GAMES: Each game is aimed at helping you explore who it is God created you to be at the same time as digging into those things that niggle at you, the itch in your soul that calls you to answer the question, "now what?!?" (Because God knows even when you don't!)
  • ACCESS TO THE EVER-EXPANDING LIBRARY OF RESOURCES: Whether your goal is to write a book, get bolder about asking for the sale or simply to stop doubting yourself, the Itchy Soul Resource Library has something for you. And if something you need isn't there yet? Simply ask and it shall be done. I love creating bespoke training, especially for you!

Yes, that's all very nice El but ...

Logically it's kind of crazy, right? Well sure, if this was about me and mine but this is God's Playground and I simply get to be your host.

As such, when God told me to trust Him and offer the Playground with options for every budget, it felt impossible to say "no"!

So, if as you explore this space you feel a tug at your heart to join us, please consider this your invitation to do so at the price that's right for you. Click here to join us. I can't wait to show you around!

Ready to join us?

(I can't wait to show you around!)

 Pay What You Want

(Yes really!) What? Why??

  • Private community for daily support & encouragement
  • Access to the Youier Games!
  • Daily "Holy Spirit Love Note"
  • Access to the Playground resources library

Join The Itchy Soul Playground!

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 Playground Plus

£500 (≈$650 USD) per month

  • Unlimited 1 on 1 Voxer coaching
    • Private community for daily support & encouragement
    • Access to the Youier Games!
    • Daily "Holy Spirit Love Note"
    • Access to the Playground resources library

    Itchy Soul Playground Plus!

    £500 (≈$650 USD) per month