Lessons on life from the little blue creatures …

And nope, I don’t mean Doctor Who and his blue box. Although, that would be cool!

So on Friday, the children and I went to see the internationally acclaimed Smurfs 2. If you’re not familiar with its predecessor, fear not …

I totally couldn’t remember what happened last time and it did not matter one bit!

One of the things I love most about watching children’s films (other than the popcorn and adult humour that goes waaay over the heads of my three) is the little nuggets of wisdom they throw out.

Usually the life lessons are tacked onto the closing scenes but not this time. Within 10 minutes or so, Papa Smurf, in all his Father Christmas-like grandeur delivered the line:

“It doesn’t matter where you come from. What’s important is who you choose to be.”


I, of course, grabbed for my phone and wrote a quick note (I’ve learned, the hard way, just how unreliable my memory is!) because it reminded me of something I started thinking about last week.

Do you remember the Joel Osteen quote?

“Whatever follows ‘I am’ is going to come looking for you.”

And I encouraged you to step into some God-penned I ams and use those to power your day.

Well the other thing I was thinking about is this idea of choosing who we are.

A few years back, when Heaven & El had a different look (and a far less clearly defined purpose) I coined the title ‘Hostess of Happiness’. It was my chosen I am.

And it was so strong an identity for me that, even on the days when I was feeling a bit blue (no pun intended!) it didn’t last long because I am the Hostess of Happiness and it’s kind of a given that smiles come with the role.

So, who are you? Who God sees you as is part of it of course, because he sees you as some pretty wonderful things.

But, it’s equally as important for you to decide who you choose to be.

Because one thing is certain … if you don’t choose, someone is going to choose for you.

And it’s far more empowering and motivating to choose, and then step into and own that person, whoever she may be.

You game?