Life together is my priority

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

Who says that your life must function in a certain way in order for it to be valid or valuable? Where or when did I ever tell you that I would only speak to you at a specific time of day or in one particular location? What’s it going to take for you to stop trying to organise your life the way other people do life and instead, simply do your life with me in the way that most helps you smile?

Yes, there are seasons, ebbs and flows, and it’s good to move with those rhythms but the seasons and passing of time are gifts, not a noose! If something isn’t working for you then stop doing it. Why would you continue doing something that is clearly leaving you feeling depleted or less then?

And yes, I understand sacrifice and selflessness. This is me you’re talking to, remember? There are some things that you can’t simply abandon but if you’re really honest with yourself, some of the things you do under the banner of sacrifice are actually selfish. You don’t want to believe me but look at your motives, the why behind what you’re doing. What’s the real reason you’re doing that thing?

Remember too that there’s nothing wrong with looking after yourself. You can’t do and be everything I have in mind for you if you’re exhausted, overspent. But don’t try and kid yourself that the thing you’re doing is for the good of everyone around you if it’s really about self care. Who do you think you need to justify yourself to? Certainly not me. I just want you to do life with me. I’m far less interested in the specifics.

Hear my heart in this … I’m very interested in the specifics of your life, but I’m even more interested in us doing day to day life together. Life together is my priority. What do you think that might look like today?

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