Limitations breed creativity. AKA: The real reason I love Twitter!

If you’ve ever heard yourself making the excuse that you can’t do thing x or y because of lack of time or talent (and thing x or y is actually something you’d love to do of course!) then today’s post is especially for you.

For the last seventy-something days I’ve been playing along with the 100 Day Project on Instagram. My creative thing for the duration has been a daily haiku, largely because, historically at least, I’ve been terrible at maintaining any sort of a challenge past the first week so I wanted to do something that I had at least a fair chance of sticking to!

It’s been fun and although, yes, I’ll be glad to have the freedom to say “Good Morning!” however I fancy once the 100 days are up, I realised this week that having those constraints in place has forced me to exercise my playful side a little more, as well as get creative.

Same with Twitter. I love playing with the characters, seeing how I can stretch and massage them to get as much meaning from the little space as possible.

All of which got me to thinking …

How many times do we decide to put off starting something, simply because we don’t have enough time or ability or energy? (Leaving aside that all of which are massively subjective of course!) If the things we put off aren’t all that important to our mental, spiritual or physical well-being then it’s not that big a deal of course.

But what if you’re putting off stuff that would make a day feel delightful?

What if that thing you’re relegating to “some day, one day, maybe, I wish!” is actually really vital to you?

Why would you not do that stuff??

Oh, you don’t have a full hour to dedicate to it and you’re probably not the best at it anyway plus, you didn’t sleep well last night so maybe it would be better to do it another time.

Nooooo! If you wait until the perfect time you’ll be waiting forever! It’s time to work with the constraints and do it anyway. You only have thirty one minutes? So what? You can do a lot in thirty-one minutes.

You’re not an expert at it? Whatever ‘it’ is, me either! 😉 Is it fun to you? Does doing it make you lose all sense of time? Does it light you up? Great! Sounds like the perfect reason to add more of it to your day 🙂

Constraints breed creativity. It’s time to work those boundaries to your best advantage and start doing more of what makes you smile.

Ready? Get to it! 🙂