Longing for a perfectly ordinary, boring life?

I used to say that my life was normal and boring, in such a tone that implied that this was a bad thing.

Last week, after hearing just a 20 minute sampling of the drama in one person’s life, I was left feeling very thankful for this perfectly ordinary life. What I heard was like something out of a soap opera!

It got me thinking though …

As much as I’m thankful to have a fairly run-of-the-mill, ordinary life, I certainly have no intention of being bored!

I do not want to live a life that consists of ‘get up, get the kids to school, sit at my desk for several hours, pick the kids up, cook them some tea, put them to bed, have dinner, go to bed, sleep, rinse and repeat.’

Talk about dull! And really, it’s no way to live!

What if every day we could wake up with a sense of wonder, excitement and delight?

What if every day was fun, included doing some work, but it felt freeing and energy-giving?

What if we could do all of the stuff listed above, but instead of it feeling boring and monotonous, what if we could look back on a perfectly ordinary day like that and smile?

When I advocated the the New Day Resolutions a few weeks back, this is where they come in. Did you try it? How did you get on? (Hit reply and tell me if you like. I’d love to hear all about it.)

My New Day Resolution (just for the day remember) was to kiss my husband and children on the head, every time I saw them.

The first time I gave my husband a kiss on the head, he was half asleep but it made him smile. One time I kissed my son on the head, he turned around and gave me a big hug, which made me smile.

It wasn’t a total success (there were times in the day when I totally forgot to do it) but overall, it was both fun and lovely.

I’m still trying to decide what fun, new thing to try today but I’m determined it will be something different, and just for one day.

So what’s this obsession with just one day? Good question.

Jesus said, “Don’t worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will worry about itself.”

What if we lived like that? Sure, we can have long-term dreams and aspirations. Goals and things we’re working toward.

But what if, as each new day came along, we just took it as one day, decided what we’d like to try or do or experience that day, and did it?

Not overly analysing the long-term wisdom. Not looking at the what-ifs and maybes from all angles – how does that make life any easier or more fun?

Just waking up, saying hello to God and thanking him for the new day, and asking him what adventures the two of you will get up to that day.

What might that look like?

And how much more fun would your life feel?

And before you say it, I am well aware that fun isn’t everything but you know what? It sure beats being so serious all the time!

Try it, you never know, you might like it 🙂