Love that whispers what you need, not what you were asking!

In today’s episode of the podcast I share a quick little story from a couple of days ago when I came to God with questions and concerns about one thing and before I could speak those things out loud, He not only answered that but shared a whole load of other stuff that I wasn’t even aware I needed!
And the important part of this is that this is never just about me. Every story you hear is a reminder, a whisper, an encouragement for you. Because if God’s doing it for me, He’s doing it for you! He loves you so much and your invitation today is to ask Him what’s on His heart concerning you, right now.
And as you’ll hear me remind you at the end, when you’re ready to explore everything concerning God’s heart for you, the Itchy Soul Playground has the resources, community and support you need to have fun doing so!

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