My best for you

Today’s Holy Spirit Love Note:

You really can trust my timing. I know exactly what I’m doing and I love to delight you. Trust me with all your heart, I will not disappoint you. Stop trying to figure out all the details. As we move forward, let me lead you and I will show you each step.

Sometimes the timing of a step will seem non-sensical to you. Logic will suggest you do it another way. Your mind is wonderful and I love it when we play in your mind together but don’t let logic lead. Let me lead!

As you move with me, following my steps, watching where I’m taking you and anticipating the next piece, our journey together becomes like a glorious dance. It is a beautiful thing to behold! You are beautiful to behold. I smile when I look at you, you’re so precious to me. Such a joy!

If you only knew just how much I love you, you’d come to me with everything. I’m not far from you and there is nothing off limits with me. Yes, I know you think you know this but your actions sometimes suggest otherwise.

All of life ultimately is about relationship, it’s what you were born for. Yes, there are things to do, actions to take, but move and do from a place of relationship. That’s what I want for you. You and all my children. And whether now or in the age to come, I will woo you with my love, that’s how good I am.

But why wait? The ultimate invitation is to step into my love right here, right now. Today. This moment. You don’t have to, I’m patient and content to play the long game but you asked me to help you move into my best for you. Stepping into and moving with my love today is my best for you.

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