One thing at a time, with Me

Today’s episode of the podcast is for those days when life feels overwhelming. Inspired, as ever, by real life!
The reminder from Holy Spirit today is even when we have lots of ideas and are full of excitement, we can still only deal with one thing at a time. Anything else has the potential to send us loopy!
But the real magic comes when you explore each “one thing” with God. “Okay Papa, what’s next?” What might it look like if that was how you played today?
And no, it’s not how the “experts” suggest you do life, it’s counter-cultural, it’s the “narrow path”, and yes, that path can get lonely sometimes, that’s why we’re playing in community.
If you don’t already have a safe space to practice living life out loud with God, come and join us in the Itchy Soul Playground.

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