One thing you can totally say “no” to …

Hiya and welcome to part two of “the game of yes” 🙂

This is the “exception to the game” edition because, like I mentioned on Tuesday, there is one category of stuff in particular that I’m massively opposed to.

Can you guess what it might be? That’s right, it’s the dreaded ‘shoulds’.

Doing anything because you think you ought to is a horrible reason for doing it. Coupled with the expectations of others, ‘shoulds’ are the stuff of soul-eating nightmares.

Is it possible I’m being overdramatic? It might sound like it but really, think of it like this …

When was the last time you said you ‘should’ do something, and it was something that excited you or filled you with joy?

And when was the last time you said you ‘should’ do something, and you didn’t feel a sense of dread, regret or frustration?

Or how about when, after hearing you talk about something, a well-meaning friend or loved one said, “Oh, you should …” How did that work out for you?

It reminds me of that conversation we had at the end of last year about standing by what we actually think and believe, instead of saying what we should.

When you do what you want, stuff that lights you up and excites you, instead of what you think you should do, when you ditch the shoulds and be honest, you give the people around you permission to be real too.

And there is nothing more delightful and lovely in this world than people showing up the people they were born to be, all in, real. It’s the stuff of magic!

And so today I dare you, if only for one day, to pay attention to the words you use, ditch the shoulds, and do what lights you up.

Sound fun? Good! Get to it 🙂