The “throwing the baby out with the bath water” guide to overwhelm and what to do instead …

We all have them … those days when it all gets too much and, in a bid to get a handle on what’s getting our attention, we go on a rampage.

Unsubscribing here. Blocking there. Leaving groups. Unfollowing the masses.

It can feel massively liberating and, for a time at least, we’re left with quiet and space to just focus on doing our thing. And there’s nothing wrong with that of course. Sometimes it’s just what we need and ties in with the stuff we resolved to stop doing that we talked about on Monday.

It can also be a really superb way to move from worrying to praying.

When you’re being bombarded with messages from every direction, it’s near impossible to just be still and trust.

Marketing messages and sales pitches are cleverly constructed, written for the sole purpose of whipping the reader up into a buying frenzy. I’m not against sales pages of course. That would make me a massive hypocrite.

What I am against is the way some marketers sell to us based on a fear of missing out on the latest greatest new thing, learning, technique or secret.

“What if I don’t do this and, as a result my business, no, my whole world, implodes?!?!?”

We humans hate missing out. I once signed up for a course purely because the sales page promised to reveal a set of questions that the author used every time he wanted to level up in his business. The not knowing was killing me!

But is the answer to really remove ourselves from all lists and social media haunts? That feels a little extreme to me.

What if there were a gentler way?

As a starting point, I had a little play with my inbox today and here’s what I came up with …

  • Email that comes in which you delete without ever reading … unsubscribe.
  • Email that comes in which is from someone who you love to read from time to time … consider setting up a filter to move this automatically to a ‘read soon’ folder.
  • Email that you love to read … read it! 😀

Now what on earth does this have to do with you showing up as you, the person God created you to be?!? Good question!

If you’re constantly in a state of worry, fear or overwhelm, how easy do you think it’s going to be to show up as you and shine your light in the world?

That’s right … not very easy at all! All of it is connected. Take care of the little things and it becomes so, so much easier to show up, all you, all in.