Read this when you think it’s time to give up

I’ve come to the conclusion that my parents are actually pretty wise. But please, don’t tell them I said so eh 😉

After writing on Facebook yesterday about choices, my dad replied with a comment about how sometimes that cruise liner needs to totally change direction. It’s about avoiding collisions.

And then I got to thinking about 180 turn arounds to avoid a collision versus giving up because you just kinda got scared.

Turning full circle is pretty dramatic.

How many times have you got scared and made a massive, dramatic about turn?

Or when you get scared, are you more likely to just kind of shift slightly.

Maybe let go of one or two things, gently, little by little? If you’re already afraid, the last thing your brain is going to allow is massive change and uncertainty.

Little by little, softly, gently. That’s the em oh of the frightened brain.

But how do you really know when a full 180 is needed?

And how do you know when something just isn’t working?

Not many of us get those dramatic bright light moments from God, so instead we have to listen for an inkling, an idea, a thought, and try it and see what happens.

My mum calls it pushing at doors.

You give the thought or idea a little shove, a little forward movement, and if that door stays firmly shut, you might give it another shove (or even a massive great big wiggle!) but ultimately, if you’ve tried and it just doesn’t give, maybe it’s time to reconsider.

But here’s the thing … how many of us say we’re pushing at a door and give up because it stays shut when, if we’re really honest with ourselves, deep down, we know we only gave it the tiniest of pushes with our little pinky?

We say we’re really excited about something, that the idea gives us shivers, but when it comes to pushing and shoving, we just don’t really try.

I’ve certainly been guilty of that.

Back in January I boldly declared to my friends in my mastermind group that this would be the year I put The Itchy Soul out there in a big way. It’s been two years since that now infamous weekend when my fire for this work was lit and it was now or never.

Two years of trying and pushing and shoving.

But honestly? Two years of trying and pushing and shoving with little more than my pinky!

With the usual end of year deliberations, where we all consider where we’re at, now is the time when people decide if they’re ready to call time on that project that never got off the ground.

Maybe you’re ready to give up?

And sure, maybe you should.

But before you do, ask yourself this:

Have you really given it a proper good push? Did you shove at it good and proper?

Or, like me, did you really only give it the tiniest of nudges with your pinky?

Sometimes the reason why we don’t properly go at stuff is because it’s not the right time or we’re just not really into it. That alone can be a good indication that this thing we thought was for us maybe isn’t really.

But when that thing you’re thinking about just won’t go away, when it’s a burning desire that you keep coming back to, weeks and months later, that thing really deserves your biggest boldest kick and shove.

Which leaves only one question … what’s stopping you?