Some straight talk about love and inspiration …

So I was in the shower, thinking about the day, wondering what little gem I might share with you this morning, when a quote about being inspired popped in my head:

“I write when I’m inspired, and I see to it that I’m inspired at nine o’clock every morning” – Peter De Vries

It’s a funny thing, inspiration. Chase it too hard and it’ll run away and hide but wait for it to show up and you could be waiting forever!

And then I had another thought … It’s easy to step up and be the loving people God created us to be when we feel loved, but how about we see to it that we’re loved at nine o’clock every morning?

Even when it doesn’t feel like it.

Because here’s the pinch that no one seems to talk about very often …

Sometimes God can feel very far away.

Sometimes I wonder if it is all actually going to be OK.

Sometimes it all feels totally pointless.

Sometimes I just don’t know.

“Hey, where’s the little hit of happiness in that?” Ha! Good question.

But don’t worry, it’s a coming. Because, you know what? Even when we feel like that, God’s still there, doing his thing, loving on us.

And I know that you probably know that, logically, academically. But what I really want is to know it deep in my very being.

Painted onto my heart with every sunset that makes me stop and smile. Sloshed onto my soul like how my youngest likes to cover every inch of his body with water from the hose on a baking hot day. So dripping wet with God’s love that I leave soggy wet footprints with every step I take.

Just imagine what that might look like. What a difference that could make in this world of ours.

And so I guess my challenge for you is this … what’s it going to take for that to be a reality for you? And what does that look like?

Just a little something for you to ponder on as you head into your day 🙂