Here at Youier, we're on a mission to inspire as many people as possible to step up and be Youier, embrace who God created them to be, and to take action towards those God-given dreams, goals and ambitions.

Why? So we can light up the world with God's love & joy!

With a monthly membership of The Blue House, it's easy to be a part of this mission but just recently though, God's been prompting me to consider that some people might want to support the mission financially, without joining The Blue House.

"Why would anyone want to do that?!?"

That was me to God. I didn't really understand because I know how wonderful The Blue House is so why would you support something financially without the added benefit of something that can help you?

"Some people will want to support what we're doing but don't have time or bandwidth to actively take part right now."

That was God's answer.

And quite candidly, I wasn't convinced. Youier isn't a non-profit. Your gift isn't tax deductible. You'd be giving simply because you feel a nudge to do so.

But if I've learned one thing it's that when God prompts you to do something, it's a really good idea to listen and take action.

So this is me, listening and taking action! If you love what we're doing here and would like to support all the plans God has for this place, please do so knowing that you have my thanks.

(And if you ever decide you'd like to join The Blue House, it will be my honour to show you around!)

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